2020 Suzuki Gixxar 150, price, release date and more

 2020 Suzuki Gixxar 150, price, release date and more

Price and release date of the new Gixxar 150 for the 2020 model

The release date is March 4th 2020. The price tag in Japan.

  • 2018: 298,000 yen (tax included: 327,800 yen)
  • 2020: 320,000 yen (tax included: 352,000 yen)

The color lineup of the new 2020 model Jixar 150

Glass Sparkle Black / Triton Blue Metallic Sonic Silver Metallic / Glass Sparkle Black Glass Sparkle Black

The appearance of the new Gixxer 150 for the 2020 model

Here is a picture of a local Indian model. It’s a little different from Japanese specifications.

It seems that only the new Gixxar 150 front is ABS.Suzuki dealers had already brought this model

Equipped with a new Gixxer 150 for the 2020 model

Headlights are LEDs. The tail lamps are also fashionable. Here are 250 pictures, but the things are the same. Meter also changed. The center stand was attached to the old model, but I’m happy that this is the standard equipment. The new model comes equipped with ABS. Front 1-channel ABS. The former model did not have an ABS model.

Specs of new Gixxar 150 for 2020 model

  • Length: 2,020mm
  • Full width: 800mm
  • Height: 1,035mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,335mm
  • Seat height: 795mm
  • Weight: 139kg
  • Fuel tank: 12L
  • Minimum ground clearance: 160mm
  • Engine: SOHC air-cooled single-cylinder 2-valve
  • Displacement: 154cc
  • Bore x stroke: 56.0mm x 62.9mm
  • Compression ratio: 9.8: 1
  • Gear: 5th speed
  • Horsepower: 10kw (14PS) / 8,000rpm
  • Torque: 14Nm / 6,000rpm
  • Fuel consumption: 51.0km / L
  • Front suspension: Upright 41mm
  • Rear suspension: Mono shock (7-stage preload)
  • Caster: 24 ° 50 ‘
  • Trail: 100mm
  • Front brake: Disc
  • Rear brake: Disc
  • Front tire: 100 / 80-17M / C 52S
  • Rear tire: 140 / 60R17M / C 63H

Summary of changes in the new Gixxer 150 of the 2020 model


  • Exterior
  • Rear fender added
  • Meter
  • Sheet
  • tail lamp
  • Headlight: Halogen → LED
  • Rear caliper: NISSIN → BYBRE
  • ABS: None → 1 front channel

New vs Old Specs

New / Old

  • Full length: 2,020mm / 2,005mm
  • Full width: 800mm / 785mm
  • Height: 1,035mm / 1,030mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,335mm / 1,330mm
  • Seat height: 795Mm / 785Mm
  • Weight: 139kg / 135kg
  • Caster: 24 ° 50 ‘/ 25 ゜ 45’
  • Trail: 100mm / 105mm

The Japanese specifications are the same as the engine specifications. How about, is it the same engine as the current one? Or is it compatible with EURO5? Currently, a mystery.

It’s 4kg heavier due to changes in ABS, lighting, and exteriors. And casters and trails are sober.


  • Tires same
  • Wheel same
  • Mirror same
  • Same as winker
  • Step same
  • Are the handles the same?
  • Everything else is different.

Almost everything looks different.

The front fender is similar but different.The whole exterior has changed, it has become LED headlights and comes with ABS, but the price increase is still 24,200 yen.

Gixxer feels Suzuki’s point of sale at a low price.It also comes with ABS, making it even easier for beginners to recommend. It looks cool. 

By the way, there is also a model of SF full-cowl in Gixxer. But this was not announced in Japan. 

Maybe they won’t sell in Japan. In Japan, Jixar SF250 comes out. 

Source : Suzuki Japan

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