2021 Honda Winner X specs, price and more

 2021 Honda Winner X specs, price and more

Yamaha Vietnam recently unveiled is much acclaimed new 2021 Yamaha Exciter 155 VVA.

The Exciter is the marriage between a scooter and a motorcycle. However, the new 2021 Exciter 2021 comes highly inspired by the Yamaha’s YZF-R15.

This gives Honda a chance to pitch Winner X against 2021 Exciter, and there are already rumours that Honda may bring an updated Winner X.

What we would be looking at is an amended Honda Winner X with 2021 Honda PCX 160 as a base.

The motor comes from the PCX 160, which is 156.93cc, water-cooled, single-cylinder supported by Honda’s eSP + technology.

If we compare the 2021 Exciter, it has almost the same features as the 155cc 4-stroke, 4-valve, SOHC, and VVA motor.

Further, it gets interesting.

Unlike the Yamaha’s 2021 Exciter take cues from the YZF-R15 we see new Honda Winner X is expected to get a few lines from CBR250RR’s.

So expect to see the front on the new Winner X similar to the CBR250RR.

The electronic package comes powered with the keyless unit, traction control, full LCD dash, ABS and more.

On the premium 2021 Exciter 155 version, we don’t see ABS on the Exciter. 

So all said and done expect the new Honda Winner X soon.

The current Honda Winner X in Vietnam is priced at 24,690,000 VND. However, do expect a premium when the new 2021 Winner X arrives.

Source: Motosaigon


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