Suzuki files patents for its upcoming Falcon

 Suzuki files patents for its upcoming Falcon

Last year this time, we were talking about Suzuki’s Falcon. Now there is more information on it.

We think Suzuki is trying to get the momentum. Last year we also published on Why is Suzuki so Silent? But that now is not the case with Suzuki.

Suzuki has filed its patent for what they call it is Falcon Suzuki plans to bring in 2021.

Lets take a look at various patents of the upcoming Falcon.

Patent of the oil pan for Falcon

“The weight of the oil pan comes down, the casting of the oil pan facilitates. And the productivity of the oil pan goes high.”

It is a patent filed in June 2018.

The oil pan 6 has an oil pan body 11 formed in a substantially bowl-like or box-like shape with an open upper side. 

And after projecting from the wall of the oil pan body 11 into the oil pan body or outside the oil pan body. 

It has a side rib 30 and a front rib 40, and the rear rod 30 . And the front fin 40 extend from the upper end of the oil pan main body 11 toward the bottom of the oil pan main body 11. 

These ribs are there in the oil pan. At the time of casting of No. 6, it functions as a runner for flowing the molten metal in the mold. “

That this makes it easier to lighten and cast, by the way, the figure of the engine is this. Now this for the new Falcon.

Patent of the oil pan for new type falcon 2

“Suppresses engine oil vortex generated when engine oil arrives .”

It is a patent filed in June 2018.

The oil pan 6 has a rear inner portion that protrudes into the oil pan main body 11. From the bottom wall portion 16 of the oil pan main body 11 . And extends from the vicinity of the oil suction port 8 of the oil strainer 7 to directly below the oil suction port 8. 

The rib 31 and the bottom inner rib 33 is present .And the oil pan six is provided with a bottom outer rod 34 projecting from the bottom wall 16. To the outside of the oil pan main body 11. 

The bottom outer rib is present. A substantially central portion in the front-rear direction of 34 is located immediately below the oil inlet 8. “

Patents such as the arrangement of charcoal canisters for new type falcons

“Provides a canister arrangement structure for a motorcycle that can arrange the canister .Behind the cylinder below the fuel tank while ensuring the coolness of the space behind the cylinder.”

It is a patent filed in June 2018.

The canister arrangement structure of the motorcycle generates in the fuel tank 1. The mainframe 21, the fuel tank 11 mounted on the mainframe 21.The cylinder assembly 17, and the crankcase 19 suspended on the mainframe 21. 

A canister 12 to absorb the fuel vapor. The cartridge 12 is disposed below the mainframe 21 behind the cylinder assembly 17 so that a portion of the round 12.Goes outside the main frame 21 in the vehicle width direction. “

It is a patent for arranging a canister behind the cylinder under the tank while keeping cool.

The illustration of the vehicle is this. It is the new falcon. 47 is a canister.

Exhaust system patent for new type falcon

“In a motorcycle equipped with a multi-cylinder engine, the engine output in the middle to the low-speed range improves with a simple structure, and the degree of freedom in the layout is improved.”

The patent filed for June 2018

 The exhaust ports are of the respective cylinders of the multi-cylinder engine connect to 25 Exhaust pipes.

A connecting pipe that connects the paired exhaust pipes 25 through the communication holes .

And a heat disposed of in front of the exhaust pipe 25 Exchangers 17 and 22, and the connecting pipes include a first connecting pipe 30 that connects the first and fourth cylinder exhaust pipes 25 </ b>

 A and 25 </ b> D and a second and third cylinder exhaust pipe 25 </ b> B, 25C, and the first connecting pipe 30 disposes above the second connecting pipe 31. “


If you attach a chamber (lunch box), there is a problem with heat and location, so do you feel that you can do something with the idea of ​​an exhaust pipe? Engine diagram. 

Ah, falcon. A view of the exhaust pipe seen from the front. It is the view from the back. Oh, you know what this is. Here is the GSX-R1000R engine — the same connection type. 

However, the GSX-R1000R is a type with a servo mechanism butterfly valve. The volume part 32 of this patent has a hollow structure, so it is a type that does not have a plug.

 There is nothing in the connecting pipe 31 either. 17 is a radiator, and 22 is an oil cooler. The figure is carefully drawn so far, so is it almost decided?

According to the exhaust device for an engine of the present invention, as described above .The first connection pipe 30 is mainly provided on the upstream of exhaust side .

And the capacity of the volume portion 32 that ensures to be large so that the output valley in the middle and low-speed range of the engine.

 It eliminates, and the output in the medium to the low-speed range improves. “

“As a comparative example, for example, the connecting pipes of the # 1 cylinder and the # 4 cylinder are arranged on the downstream exhaust side of the connecting pipes of the # 2 cylinder and the # 3 cylinder.”

The power graph is of the above patent and the comparative example.

The low to medium speed range feels good.

Source : Google Patents

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