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Adrenaline Culture

With the idea nurtured over the years, it finally took form on January 1 2018.


At LivingWithGravity, we understand how important it is for riders to make the best out of their journeys with their bikes, and we are here for that. 


It gives you every vital information you may need, be it on the most suitable motorcycle for either long or short journeys or, better still, details on how to tweak your bike a little bit to get the best performance out of it all.


Knowing how advanced the world has been, especially in motorcycles, here, we make it a duty to keep our permanent fan base and amazing customers; you are the most up-to-date information on what concerns bikes as a whole.


Many have benefited from such a strong connection, given that on this platform, you get to find people sharing “tips n tricks” on many aspects surrounding the use of bikes. Others are just there to see people of their locality with whom they can hit a ride around town. In a nutshell, it is a valuable platform as well.


We must make available the history of motorcycles and their brands for those of our clients who are always after tracing everything back to their roots. Not only will this history help you understand how the brand evolved, but it also helps you understand the challenges the producers may have been through before ever becoming this successful.


We ensure we do so much in-depth research that everything is included. We never know whom this story may one day inspire or, better still, the person whose eyes may come across our write-ups, so we make sure they are accurate and top-notch.


Lastly, we will ensure that biking adrenaline will flow through your veins for real!


The Team


1. Akash Dolas: A motorcycle fanatic and enthusiast in India. From an early age, he started to know motorcycles not something to be called” Two Wheelers” but as an embodiment of culture. His idea to build this (LivingWithGravity ) platform was how he could help the motorcycle community in various ways.


He acts as Executive Team Member on the board of LivingWithGravity and helps to drive this passionate platform daily. You can get in touch with him at akash@livingwithgravity.com.


2. Hinata Asahi: His sole job is to rev the liveries and see how they are fair. He knows all about motorcycle engines and specializes in testing motorcycles. 


In his role with LivingWithGravity, Hinata will act as a freelance tester for motorcycles and provide his input to us.


With his unique style of testing the motorcycles and giving his valuable input to motorcycle manufacturers. He acts as a change catalyst for the motorcycle industry.


Besides testing motorcycles, he is a big fan of sushi and likes sushi from the “Sukiyabashi Jiro “famous restaurant based in Tokyo. Hinata is another value add to LivingWithGravity Team.


3. Rahul Marathe: Our Creative Head continues thinking about how art can be made extraordinary visually, aesthetically and from every angle. With his skills, he can turn anything into Gold. 


He has his way of making art an excellent concept. His drawings and canvas paintings have been acclaimed far and wide with multiple exhibitions in the past. One of his achievements is that he is the” TEDx most innovative picture winner “.


In this capacity, Rahul will provide his input and creatives. He enjoys getting closer to art in his leisure time by creating paintings and drawings. He also likes to listen to music.


4. Zach Bolena: Based in the United States. Zach is another vital member of LivingWithGravity.He acts as Contributor. Having previously road raced combined with a love of motorsports inspires his passion for photography and filming this sport.


He started shooting for some former club racing teams in the U.S. MotoAmerica Championship before shooting with SC-Project and their MotoGP, Moto 2 and World SBK teams (Repsol, Marc VDS, InactcatGP Dynavolt, OneXOX, MV, and Pedercini).


He shoots with the Sony platform with the a9 as his primary weapon of choice with its accurate tracking and 20 fps; this increases the chance to get that one tack sharp shot.


On a race weekend, he usually uses two Sony a9s for on-track shots with varying focal lengths and the Sony a73 and a7r3 for pit and grid shots.


Apart from the above, LivingWithGravity has one more team member who likes to stay in the hood, is an excellent asset to the entire team, and has managed a large publishing of famous magazines during his career.












You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!

-Dan Aykroyd

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