Key points of the products:

  • Tracer 2 Overshirt:
    • Made from 11oz Cordura denim
    • Features CE-level 1 SEESMART protectors on the shoulders and elbows
    • Can be attached to all REV’IT! jeans via the optional Safeway 2 connection
  • Trucker Jacket:
    • Made from 15.3oz Cordura stretch denim with integrated Coolmax and Thermolite
    • Features SEESMART protectors on the elbows and shoulders
    • Optional SEESOFT CE level 2 back protector
  • Ladies Trucker Jacket:
    • Same as the Trucker Jacket, but designed for women
    • Has a slim cut and is designed to enhance the natural shapes of the female body
  • Lewis Selvedge TF Jeans:
    • Made from 13oz Cordura denim stretch
    • Feature AA-certified impact and abrasion protection
    • Have integrated CE-certified protectors on the knees and hips
    • Have kneepad pockets that allow you to adjust the fit


Tracer 2 Overshirt

The Tracer 2 Overshirt is a motorcycle garment designed by REV’IT!, which combines safety and style for riders. It is an evolution of the first-generation Tracer shirt. The Tracer 2 is made of 11oz Cordura denim, which provides durability and protection. The shirt features SEESMART CE-level 1 protector on the shoulders and elbows, offering tailored fit and safety. Despite its protective features, the Tracer 2 has a casual and non-technical appearance.

One of the notable features of the Tracer 2 is its compatibility with all REV’IT! gear through the optional Safeway 2 connection, which uses a short zip to attach the overshirt to other REV’IT! products.

Trucker Jacket

The Trucker jacket is another offering from REV’IT!, inspired by the classic 60s trucker style. This motorcycle-specific jacket is made with 15.3oz Cordura stretch denim, integrating Coolmax and Thermolite elements to regulate temperature and provide freedom of movement. These technical additions also enhance the durability and flexibility of the denim.


The Trucker jacket retains the traditional trucker style with pockets on the upper chest and sides. Inside, it has a pocket and a zipper for the Safeway 2 connection. The jacket comes equipped with SEESMART protectors on the elbows and shoulders for added safety. Additionally, there’s an option to include the SEESOFT CE level 2 back protector for increased protection.

Ladies Trucker Jacket

The Ladies’ Trucker Jacket shares the same technical characteristics as the regular Trucker jacket, but it has a slim cut designed to enhance the natural shape of the female body. Despite the more fitted design, the jacket still provides ample comfort and necessary freedom of movement for female riders.


To complete the motorcycle outfit, REV’IT! offers the Lewis Selvedge TF jeans, which match the Trucker jacket and Tracer 2 Overshirt. These jeans are made from 13oz Cordura denim stretch, offering flexibility and comfort both on and off the bike. The Lewis Selvedge TF jeans have AA certification for impact and abrasion protection. The denim is washed, making it mould to the body as it’s worn, and it has neat seams and an internal finish to prevent unrolling and fraying.


Integrated CE-certified protectors are present on the knees and hips to protect against impacts and abrasions. Moreover, kneepad pockets allow riders to adjust the fit and tailor the jeans to their preferences.

Overall, REV’IT! The Tracer 2 Overshirt, Trucker jacket, Ladies Trucker Jacket, and Lewis Selvedge TF jeans offer a range of motorcycle garments that combine style, comfort, and safety for riders.


The Tracer 2 Overshirt, Trucker Jacket, Ladies Trucker Jacket, and Lewis Selvedge TF Jeans are all great options for motorcyclists who want to look good and stay safe. They are all made from high-quality materials and feature CE-certified protectors. The Tracer 2 Overshirt and Lewis Selvedge TF Jeans are both versatile garments that can be worn on and off the bike, while the Trucker Jacket and Ladies Trucker Jacket are more traditional motorcycle jackets.

Ultimately, the best garment for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a versatile garment that you can wear on and off the bike, the Tracer 2 Overshirt or Lewis Selvedge TF Jeans would be a good choice. If you are looking for a more traditional motorcycle jacket, the Trucker Jacket or Ladies’ Trucker Jacket would be a good option.

No matter which garment you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product that will keep you safe on the road.

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