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Explore the innovative world of women’s motorcycle gear with Atwyld, a brand revolutionizing the industry. Co-founded by passionate riders, Atwyld bridges the gap in the market by offering functional, stylish gear tailored for women.

This article delves into an interview with Anya Violet, Atwyld’s co-founder, discussing their unique design approach that blends modern aesthetics with retro influences. Learn about their collaboration with Bell Helmets, the blend of tactile and digital design methods, and how personal riding experiences shape their creations. Atwyld’s journey exemplifies a significant stride towards inclusivity and recognition in the motorcycling community, especially for women riders.


The interview with Anya Violet, co-founder and designer at Atwyld, offers insightful perspectives on the intersection of design, fashion, and motorcycling, particularly for women. Atwyld, a women’s motorcycle gear and apparel brand, was founded to address a significant gap in the market: functional, aesthetically appealing, and well-fitting motorcycle gear for women. This initiative is a response to the traditionally male-dominated industry where women’s needs in motorcycle gear were often overlooked or inadequately addressed.


Anya’s approach to design blends tactile, hands-on methods with modern digital tools. For apparel, she begins with hand sketches, considering the tactile elements of fabrics and construction. The designs are then refined using software like Illustrator and tools like a Wacom pen, enabling a blend of organic and precise elements in the design process.

Women’s Motorcycle Gear

The collaboration with Bell Helmets, resulting in the Atwyld x Bell Moto-10 Spherical helmet, exemplifies a fusion of retro and modern aesthetics. The helmet’s design aims to be visually striking and recognizable, even at high speeds, while complementing Atwyld’s gear lineup. The design process for the helmet was unique for the Atwyld team, involving three-dimensional considerations and the application of graphics onto the helmet’s surface, a departure from their usual two-dimensional apparel design work.

Anya’s background is deeply rooted in both fashion design and motorcycling. Her journey started with riding motorcycles in childhood and later merged with her professional path in fashion design. This combination of passions led to the creation of Atwyld, where she could apply her design expertise to a field she is personally passionate about.

The ethos of Atwyld goes beyond just creating motorcycle gear. It’s about crafting items that resonate with women riders, breaking away from stereotypes and one-size-fits-all solutions. The brand’s success is a testament to the growing demographic of female motorcyclists and the demand for gear that caters specifically to their needs.


The interview with Anya Violet from Atwyld provides several key insights into the world of motorcycle gear design, particularly for women, and illustrates how Atwyld is addressing gaps in this market:

  • Market Gap for Women’s Motorcycle Gear: Atwyld was founded in response to the lack of adequate motorcycle gear for women. Historically, women’s motorcycle gear has been either an afterthought or poorly adapted from men’s designs. Atwyld aims to create gear that is both functional and fashionable, tailored specifically for women riders.
  • Design Philosophy Blending Modern and Retro: Atwyld’s design approach is characterized by a fusion of modern aesthetics with nostalgic elements from the ’70s and ’80s. This unique style is evident in their collaboration with Bell Helmets, where they aimed to create bold, noticeable designs that remain visually appealing at high speeds.
  • Combining Tactile and Digital Design Methods: Anya Violet’s design process involves an initial stage of hand sketching and tactile experimentation with fabrics, followed by digital refinement. This hybrid method allows for a balance between organic creativity and precision, essential in both apparel and helmet design.
  • Personal Experience Informing Design: The founders’ personal experiences as motorcyclists inform their design choices, ensuring the products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and comfortable for riders. This personal connection to the riding experience adds authenticity and relevance to their products.
  • Breaking Stereotypes in Motorcycle Gear: Atwyld’s designs challenge the traditional stereotypes in women’s motorcycle gear, which often defaulted to overly feminine or derivative designs. Their approach is more inclusive, offering designs that appeal to a broader range of tastes and styles.
  • Impact Beyond Fashion: The creation of Atwyld is not just about launching another clothing line; it’s about fulfilling a purpose and making a meaningful impact in the motorcycling community. By providing well-designed, functional gear, they empower more women to ride with confidence and safety.
  • Future Potential and Industry Recognition: The collaboration with an established brand like Bell Helmets signifies the industry’s growing recognition of the importance of women riders. It opens possibilities for future collaborations and further innovations in women’s motorcycle gear.
  • Growing Demographic of Female Motorcyclists: Atwyld’s success reflects the increasing number of women in motorcycling, highlighting a shift in the market dynamics and the need for brands to cater to this growing segment.

Motorcycle Industry

Atwyld’s approach to motorcycle gear design for women is a significant step towards addressing long-standing gaps in the market. Their focus on blending style with functionality, informed by personal riding experience, and breaking away from stereotypical designs, positions them as a forward-thinking brand in the motorcycle industry.

Female Motorcyclists

This interview not only highlights the innovative spirit and dedication of the founders of Atwyld but also underscores the broader theme of how design and functionality converge to create products that are both practical and expressive of individual style. For the motorcycling community, especially women riders, this represents a significant step towards inclusivity and recognition in a field where they have been historically underserved.


Discover the inspiring journey of Atwyld in transforming women’s motorcycle gear. Dive deeper into the story of Anya Violet and her co-founders, who are redefining the industry with their innovative designs and commitment to quality. Click to read more about Atwyld’s unique approach to motorcycle gear, blending style, functionality, and a touch of nostalgia. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the world of motorcycling, Atwyld’s story is a testament to passion-driven innovation and the growing presence of women in the motorcycle community. Join the ride and explore how Atwyld is empowering women on the road.

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