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Kawasaki to unveil the ZX-25R in Indonesia on 4th April

The official video of Kawasaki Bike Week has been released. Oh, this is the time now. An official announcement is on April 4 in Indonesia.  Also, specs and prices will be announced on this day. Overseas has been launched along with this launch event, so is it right to see it on April 4?  There […]Read More

When will Kawasaki ZX-25R arrive in India?

Since we saw the little Kawasaki ZX-25R at EICMA 2019. Kawasaki has branded the small package very well.  Last we saw the ZX-25R with Kawasaki WorldSBK team Rea and Lowes at Jerez in January 2020 for a promotional video. But before it, we also saw Kawasaki unveiling the official photos in Indonesia. That gave us a hint on […]Read More

Hero Motorcorp unveils three new BS-VI vehicles in India

April 2020 will see the new vehicles aligned to BS-VI in India .And we don’t know why Hero Motorcorp will stay behind. So Hero Motorcorp unveiled three BS-VI vehicles in one shot. One comes under the category motorcycle .Which is Splendor + and two under the category of scooters .And they are Destini 125 and […]Read More

Kawasaki officially unveils the new Z900

The EICMA 2019 saw the new Kawasaki Z900. The good news now is it gets two separate tunings. One gets the power up to 125 hp, and the slightly lower gets 95 hp of power. Now Kawasaki has officially unveiled the new Z900. Four different driving modes, including two power modes, are new compared to the […]Read More

Mahindra and Mahindra plans to bring its latest electric offering

Mahindra and Mahindra Acquisition In October 2014, M & M acquired a 51% controlling shares in Peugeot motorcycles. It was only recently that they launched two brand new models, the Peugeot P2 Roadster and the Peugeot P2X Café Racer, during the Paris Motor show. After the 70-year hiatus, Peugeot motorcycle comes back in full force […]Read More

Yamaha plans to bring the Tenere 700 Rally

After Yamaha unveiling the 2020 Tenere 700 now, we may see a Tenere 700 Rally already has approval in Europe. Tener 700 Rally model approved in Europe Tenere700 Rally is type-approved in Europe. The model is XTZ690D-B, a different model from Tenere700. Horsepower and noise levels are the same as the normal Tenere700. Same vehicle weight, overall […]Read More

The new 2020 Suzuki GSX-S1000 arrives

What do we see in the new 2020 GSX-S1000 lets take a look? 【製品リリース情報:GSX-S1000 ABS】スーパースポーツのDNAを受け継ぎ、スポーツバイクの新たな新境地へ。GSX-S1000 ABS カラーチェンジして登場。https://t.co/wff3fOM9p4 pic.twitter.com/5KZCDZi74g — スズキ株式会社・ 国内二輪公式アカウント (@suzukicojpmotor) February 10, 2020 GSX-S1000 color lineup 2019 model-new GSX-S1000 color lineup [Discontinued] Pearl Glacier White [Continuous] Glass Sparkle Black / Triton Blue Metallic [Continuous] Matt Black Metallic No.2 2020 model-new GSX-S1000 color lineup […]Read More

Suzuki brings 2020 GSX-S1000F and we compare it with the

Unlike Honda’s acronym for Honda’s CB that stands for “City Bike”, and CBR is short for “City Bike Racer Suzuki’s GSX-R acornymn meant “Grand Sport eXperimental- Racing”. While if you go back and see the history of GSX series Suzuki started the GSX series in 1980 and they came with four-valve per cylinder four-stroke engines. Since then there is an […]Read More

2020 Suzuki GSX-S750 arrives plus information related to the new

Since the 2020 model arrives, there are also new patents. There is no change in the engine specs and technical specs. 【製品リリース情報:GSX-S750 ABS】GSX-R直系エンジンを搭載したストリートスポーツ。GSX-S750 ABS カラーチェンジして登場。https://t.co/8k2yPFqANV pic.twitter.com/StAlEPWhm4 — スズキ株式会社・ 国内二輪公式アカウント (@suzukicojpmotor) February 10, 2020 Release of 2020 model GSX-S750 GSX-S750 color lineup 2019 model GSX-S750 color lineup [Continued] Triton Blue Metallic (YSF) [Discontinued] Pearl Glacier White […]Read More

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