Damon Riding Innovations mission is ” TO CAUSE A PARADIGM SHIFT FOR


Based in Vancouver ,Canada. Damon deals in building futuristic solutions for grave problem statements.


They are working on a smart technology to reduce the motorcycle accidents across the globe. With the help of smart technology artificial intelligence and the new grid standard 5G, the number of motorcycle accidents are to be drastically reduced.

Damon currently is in process of demoing a model called Halo that particularly has focus on three points

  • Interaction among several sensors and the artificial intelligence.
  • Connectivity and the so-called data science and the electrification. 

This concept motorcycle is helped with electric motor.


How does this model work?

  • The responsibility of sensors and an algorithm is to ensure that they motorcycle can communicate with the environment at any point
  • Cloud system helps in keeping the data safe of the journeys also it evaluates the data and develops the learning system.
  •  Halo motorcycle has already covered thousands of test miles for testing purpose.
Plan of Damon Riding Innovation is  to bring this model into production by 2030.Also Damon Riding Innovation plans to have the crash reduction system completed by 2030.

Funding is also sourced from other companies and organisations about $ 2.5 million available.Also they will have to expand the network infrastructure in Germany .5G is new topic and that too is also a challenge.

In the past BMW has already presented concepts similar to Damon Riding as well as other motorcycle manufacturers are  also evaluating the model developed by Damon Riding.

That will mean it could be collaboration of multiple motorcycle manufacturers to give a safe technology to people in future.

Source : Damon Innovation Riding 

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