No matter what you think of the Z1, you must admit that it is one of the most iconic motorcycles in history. In 1973 Kawasaki chose a path that would lead to one of its most beautiful machines when they introduced the Z1. While it may look like a small step up from its sister sibling, this bike was built with a long-term plan. 

And while it’s doubtful that anyone at Kawasaki back then could have seen the future, they must have felt pretty good about what they had created: the long cylindrical fuel tank, new styling cues, and the extra horsepower all set the stage for what would become one of the most famous motorcycles.


Bike auction

Imagine you’re at a motorcycle auction and see your dream motorcycle sitting on the auction block. You can’t believe it; you’ve wanted this motorcycle for years, and now it’s finally here. 

When the bidding starts, it doesn’t stop going up and up—the bids fly higher every second. In no time, your dream motorcycle is yours, with a massive smile on your face and more possibilities in your heart than you knew it was possible to have. 

The picture in your mind? That’s precisely what happened when the fully restored 1973 Kawasaki Z1 900 threw everyone for a loop at Mecum Las Vegas 2023 when it crossed $55,000.  

Well, not everyone, to be fair. The owner of this immaculate 1973 Kawasaki Z1 900 knew there was a chance it might go for tens of thousands of dollars when he brought it with him to Las Vegas.

Whenever you hear about a 1973 Kawasaki Z1 900 selling for $55,000, it’s a good indicator that this was a unique bike. And that is the case with this particular restoration of a classic machine. 

This bike had a lot of work done and was in like-new condition when completed, which helped with the price of achieving these lofty levels. 



This bike could be worth more with a restoration that involved a complete overhaul with the cylinder bore and cylinder head having new seals and gaskets. We can also see the carburettors were rebuilt.  

Further, the bike had Dynatek Dyna S electronic ignition, coil, and plug wire upgrade. At the time of restoration, many hours were invested, and it was maintained to a show-ready level by the new owner, with the engine being rebuilt. The bike also gets ceramic-coated in black, with new sprockets, chain and new four-into-one exhaust from Z1.

The bike was said to be one of its most excellent surviving examples, boasting a slew of replacement parts only found on factory or specialist machines.

Source: Mecum and Craig Jeffrey YouTube


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