Kawasaki Japan to unveil the new 2022 Meguro K3 on October 29

 Kawasaki Japan to unveil the new 2022 Meguro K3 on October 29

Big bike manufacturers have been struggling with lower demand in recent years. Due to changes in the younger generation’s lifestyle and motorcycle preferences. But Kawasaki has joined the race again with the Meguro K3.

Kawasaki says it wants to make a statement in the big bike market with this new model.Competing directly with the potent models of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and BMW.

The more the motorcycle history of the Meguro brand comes followed. The more attention can pay to some parts, especially one piece. 

The Meguro K3 of the Kawasaki series has released new features on its latest 2022 version coming out of Japan.

And one of the features the bike now possesses is aligning it with new emission regulations.

Rich heritage and specs

Since 1924, which dates back about a century, the “Meguro” brand has been admired by Japanese riders at the time. Proclaiming “high performance” and “high quality” with “large displacement”.

“Meguro K3” has appeared as a commemorative model of Kawasaki. Which spins the history of large Japanese sports bikes. 

The beautiful engine that shows off its existence, the elegant tank shape. And the well-balanced form of the wheels and seats are the pride of Kawasaki.


Which has inherited the history of “Meguro” and has become Japan’s first brand as a sports bike maker. Yes, it is a sign of a firm determination never to break the tradition.

The 773 cm³, Air-cooled 4-stroke parallel 2-cylinder / SOHC 4-valve makes 38kW (52PS) / 6,500rpm and 62Nm (6.3kgfm) / 4,800rpm torque.

With 227kg weight, the bike gets a 15L fuel tank. The front suspension has a Telescopic (inner tube diameter 41 mm), the rear is Swingarm.

As for the brakes, the bike comes supported by a single disc 320mm (outer diameter) on the front.And the opposite end has a single disc of 270mm (outer diameter).

Kawasaki Meguro K3 2022 is a simple and small-scale sports bike. Some people have said that the bike design is charming. 

It will be the bike from Japan ​​that passes the emissions standards, and you can count on the fact that it looks retro and excellent. Kawasaki will release the Meguro K3 in Japan on October 29, 2021.

via Kawasaki Japan


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