The Audi R8 has always been a symbol of innovation, power, and elegance. This luxury sports car, which shared much of its technology and engineering prowess with its racing cousin, the LMS, has captured the hearts and minds of many since its inception in 2006. It’s not just a car; it’s an experience.

Here are some of the possible adventures that the R8 could go on for its Last Lap:

  • A final race at Le Mans, where it won its first race in 2006.
  • A road trip across the United States, visiting all of the places where it has been driven by fans.
  • A film shoot, where it stars in a new movie or TV show.
  • A display at a museum, where it can be enjoyed by future generations.


Tom Kristensen’s words resonate with all motor enthusiasts. His record wins at Le Mans give weight to his tribute to the Audi R8. With its unmistakable roar and its dynamic design, the R8 didn’t just traverse roads; it owned them.

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The announcement of its last lap is bittersweet. It signifies the end of an era, but also celebrates a journey that has been nothing short of legendary. From challenging racing tracks where it displayed raw power and agility, to scenic country roads where it showcased its grace and finesse, and even its appearances in the movies, establishing it as a pop culture icon, the R8 has indeed helped shape the Audi brand’s reputation as a leader in luxury and performance.

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And now, you have a chance to be a part of this legacy. The R8’s Last Lap is not just about commemorating what was but is an invitation to dream about what could be. Imagine the possibilities – a coast-to-coast journey celebrating its global appeal, a track day with some of the world’s best drivers, or maybe a tribute film capturing its best moments. The choice is now in your hands.


So gear up for 9/12 at 9 am EST. Head over to Instagram Stories and cast your vote. Here’s to one last drive, one last adventure, and a chance to make history. #R8sLastLap 🏁


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