Skoda Auto, the renowned Czech carmaker, continues to make waves in the Indian automotive scene. With their India 2.0 products laying a sturdy foundation, they are gearing up for an even brighter future in this vibrant market. Let’s delve deeper into their plans and aspirations.

In an interview with Autocarpro Skoda’s CEO focused on various aspects let us take a look.

Key Points

  • Unveiling the India 2.0 Project: Instead of resting on its laurels, Skoda actively plans the next phase. They have approved investments for new facelifted models and an eagerly-awaited compact SUV slated for a 2025 launch.
  • Championing Kushaq and Slavia: Skoda takes immense pride in the safety and quality of the India-made Kushaq and Slavia. They aim not just to match but surpass their previous year’s sales figures.
  • Teasing Future Offerings: 2024 promises excitement with Skoda hinting at groundbreaking product launches. The company also pivots towards introducing battery electric vehicles in the Indian market.
  • Securing the Financial Front: Skoda has effectively locked in their funding for future projects. The initial talks around the massive billion euros investment for the 2.0 phase keep industry watchers intrigued.
  • Navigating the EV Landscape: Skoda realistically assesses India’s EV market, pegging the major transition to the 2030s. They’ll introduce the Enyaq as a precursor, with the Elroq and A0 BEV following by 2025.
  • Rivaling Giants like Suzuki and Hyundai: Skoda sets a clear target: a 5% market share in India. They believe they can achieve this without an overwhelming array of derivatives.
  • Boosting Exports: The Kushaq marked its territory as the first Skoda model exported from India on October 3, 2022. Skoda now seeks to elevate these export numbers, eyeing enhanced profits.
  • Maximizing the Engineering Centre: Skoda doesn’t view their engineering centre in India merely as a production hub. They see it as a developmental nucleus, especially with the potential for software growth.
  • Balancing EVs with ICE: While Skoda acknowledges the future tilt towards EVs, they assert the continued relevance of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles for their profitability matrix.
  • Localizing the Hybrid Experience: Skoda evaluates the possibility of producing hybrids locally, enticed by their extended range and material benefits.
  • Positioning in the Premium Segment: Skoda already enjoys a reputation for its premium offerings in India. However they realize the importance of competitive pricing to gain traction and scale.
  • Expanding Horizons Globally: Skoda has set its sights on the Vietnam car market by 2024. Additionally, they see immense potential for models like Kushaq in markets such as Saudi Arabia.
  • Envisioning an EV Future: After Enyaq makes its debut, Skoda preps for more EV introductions like the Elroq and A0 BEV by 2025.
  • Dominating the Premium Saloon Segment: Skoda contemplates strategies to retain their stronghold in India’s premium saloon segment with the likes of Superb and Octavia.


In essence, Skoda Auto’s dynamic approach, combined with its dedication to innovation and quality, makes them a brand to watch in the Indian automotive landscape. Their strategy underscores a perfect blend of understanding local nuances while leveraging global strengths.


In the fast-paced world of the automotive industry, Skoda Auto exemplifies a brand that seamlessly merges global aspirations with localized strategies. Their commitment to the Indian market, as evidenced by their diverse product line-up, investments, and focus on both traditional and electric vehicles, positions them as a force to reckon with.

As they deftly navigate challenges, their strategic moves in India not only resonate with their legacy of innovation but also set a benchmark for others to follow. In a market as diverse and competitive as India, Skoda Auto’s holistic approach showcases a playbook for sustainable growth and market leadership.

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