The GPX GTM250R is a striking embodiment of the neo-retro trend in the motorcycle industry. This limited-edition model, exclusive to Japan, marries classic café racer aesthetics with modern technological upgrades. Featuring a 250cc fuel-injected engine, it offers a modest 20.4 horsepower, tailored for urban commuting.

The GTM250R’s design is a blend of retro-inspired elements like a straight-line fuel tank and a faux crankcase, emphasizing style. While its dual radially mounted front disc brakes enhance safety, the bike’s increased weight and aesthetic-focused design may limit its appeal to performance enthusiasts. Priced at approximately $4,007 USD, it’s a unique, albeit niche, offering in the market.

Neo-retro motorcycle

The GTM250R by GPX is a clear indicator of the current trend in the motorcycle industry where newer companies, like Thailand-based GPX founded in 2007, are adopting neo-retro designs. This trend highlights a segment that prioritizes both the allure of retro style and the advancements of modern technology.


Cafe racer aesthetics

Key features of the GTM250R include:

  • Design and Aesthetics: It follows the neo-retro theme set by its predecessor, the GPX Gentleman Racer 200. The bike’s design, featuring a straight-line alignment of the fuel tank, saddle, and tail section, along with a retro-style headlight cowl, emphasizes its café racer heritage. An interesting design choice is the inclusion of a faux crankcase integrated into the bodywork, prioritizing aesthetic appeal.
  • Engine and Performance Upgrades: Shifting from a 197cc carbureted engine in the Gentleman Racer 200 to a more potent 250cc fuel-injected engine in the GTM250R represents a noteworthy improvement. This enhancement suggests a commitment to better performance and efficiency. The engine’s output of 20.4 horsepower, while modest, is suitable for city riding.
  • Weight and Dynamics: The anticipated weight increase when fully fueled suggests a more substantial and potentially more stable ride, though it may slightly compromise the nimbleness typical of lighter café racers.
  • Suspension and Brakes: The combination of 17-inch wire-spoke wheels with road tires, an inverted front fork, and an adjustable rear monoshock provides a mix of retro looks and modern handling. The inclusion of dual radially mounted front disc brakes, though perhaps overdone for a bike of this size, accentuates its design-focused approach.
  • Exclusivity and Price: With only 150 units available exclusively in Japan and priced at around $4,007 USD, the GTM250R positions itself as a somewhat exclusive model. It offers a selection of colors including red, black, and yellow, catering to different preferences.

250cc fuel-injected engine

The GPX GTM250R is an exemplary case study in the contemporary motorcycle market, showcasing how even newer manufacturers are effectively capitalizing on the neo-retro trend. Here’s a key analysis of its various aspects:

  • Market Trend Adoption: GPX, a relatively recent entrant in the motorcycle industry, has astutely recognized and embraced the neo-retro trend. This approach not only differentiates their offerings but also appeals to a segment that values a blend of classic aesthetics with modern technology. This trend is not limited to established brands with rich histories but is also a viable strategy for newer players.
  • Design Philosophy: The GTM250R’s design, with its straight-line fuel tank, saddle, tail section, and retro-styled headlight cowl, is a nod to classic café racer designs. The integration of a faux crankcase as part of the bodywork is a unique design choice that prioritizes style, indicating GPX’s focus on aesthetic appeal to attract customers who value design as much as performance.
  • Technical Evolution: Upgrading from a 197cc carbureted engine to a 250cc fuel-injected engine signifies a substantial advancement in terms of efficiency and performance. The 20.4 horsepower output indicates that the bike is designed more for urban commuting rather than high-performance riding, aligning well with the practical needs of its target demographic.
  • Handling and Safety: The choice of 17-inch wire-spoke wheels and road tires, combined with modern suspension components (inverted front fork and adjustable rear monoshock), suggests a balance between maintaining retro charm and ensuring contemporary handling capabilities. The use of dual radially mounted front disc brakes, while seemingly excessive for a bike of this size, enhances safety and adds to the bike’s aesthetic.
  • Exclusivity and Market Positioning: Limiting production to 150 units for the Japanese market and setting a price point of approximately $4,007 USD positions the GTM250R as an exclusive offering. This strategy not only adds a sense of uniqueness but also targets a specific customer base that values exclusivity in addition to the neo-retro appeal.
  • Color Variants: Offering the bike in red, black, and yellow allows for personalization, catering to varying customer preferences.

Japan-exclusive motorcycle

Pros and Cons of the GPX GTM250R:

Neo-Retro Design Appeal: The bike’s design, inspired by classic café racers, attracts enthusiasts who appreciate retro aesthetics combined with modern elements.Limited Power Output: With only 20.4 horsepower, the GTM250R may not appeal to those seeking a high-performance ride.
Technical Upgrades: The shift to a 250cc fuel-injected engine from a 197cc carbureted one represents a significant improvement in efficiency and performance for urban commuting.Weight Considerations: The increase in weight with a full tank might affect the bike’s agility and handling, particularly in city environments.
Exclusive Offering: The limited production of 150 units for the Japanese market creates an exclusivity factor, making it a collectible item for certain enthusiasts.Market Limitation: Being exclusive to the Japanese market limits its availability for international buyers, potentially missing a wider audience.
Enhanced Safety Features: The inclusion of dual radially mounted front disc brakes improves braking efficiency and safety, which is beneficial for urban riding conditions.Styling Over Function: Some design elements, like the faux crankcase, prioritize aesthetics over functionality, which might not appeal to purists.
Balance in Handling: The combination of wire-spoke wheels, modern suspension setup, and road-focused tires offers a good balance between retro styling and modern handling.Price Point: Priced at around $4,007 USD, it might be considered expensive for a 250cc motorcycle, especially in markets with cost-sensitive buyers.
Color Variants: Offering multiple color options (red, black, and yellow) allows for personalization and caters to different aesthetic preferences.Performance Limitations: Suitable mainly for brisk city commutes, it may not be ideal for long-distance touring or more demanding riding experiences.

Urban riding

The GTM250R’s development and positioning by GPX reflect a strategic understanding of current market trends and consumer preferences. By combining retro-inspired design elements with modern technology and exclusivity, GPX has created a product that stands out in a competitive market, especially among newer manufacturers without a lengthy heritage in the industry.


In summary, the GTM250R embodies a fusion of retro charm and modern motorcycle technology, appealing to a specific market that appreciates both aspects. It demonstrates how even newer manufacturers can successfully tap into the market’s fondness for retro designs to establish a distinctive presence.

Ready to experience the unique blend of retro charm and modern technology? Dive into the world of neo-retro biking with the GPX GTM250R. This limited-edition, Japan-exclusive model is a perfect match for those who appreciate classic café racer aesthetics combined with the efficiency of a 250cc fuel-injected engine. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this exclusive offering. With only 150 units available, act fast to secure your GTM250R in your preferred colorway — red, black, or yellow. Embrace the fusion of style and functionality. Contact your nearest GPX dealer today and join the neo-retro revolution!

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