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The Ducati North America recall for 2016-2023 Ducati XDiavel S and STD models addresses passenger backrest safety issues. Affecting 2,906 bikes, the recall stems from potential risks due to improper installation or usage of the backrests. Ducati’s proactive stance, despite no incidents in the US, demonstrates a commitment to customer safety.

The recall includes inspections, replacements, and dealer-installed warning stickers for proper backrest usage. Ducati’s consistent response to safety, combined with clear communication and dealer engagement, highlights their dedication to quality and customer care, while also acknowledging the complexities of aftermarket accessory safety.

XDiavel S and STD Safety Recall

Ducati North America’s recall, announced on December 6, 2023, for the Ducati XDiavel S and STD models from 2016 to 2023, addresses a critical safety issue related to passenger backrests. This action, impacting an estimated 2,906 motorcycles, serves as a preventive measure against the risk of injury from backrest failure. The problem may stem from either incorrect installation or improper use of the backrest, potentially leading to breakage and the risk of passengers falling.


Ducati Passenger Backrest Issue

Key aspects of the recall include:

  • Models and Manufacturing Period Affected: The recall focuses on XDiavel S and STD bikes manufactured from November 4, 2015, through June 14, 2022. The relevant VINs, which are not in sequence, are from ZDM13BKW1GB000066 to ZDM13BKW1PB011942.
  • Previous Recalls for XDiavel: This isn’t the model’s first recall. Earlier issues included a recall for the side stand on 2016-2018 models in 2021 and a recall for certain 2016 models due to improper installation of the rear wheel.
  • Investigation Results: After beginning its investigation in October 2017, Ducati determined that the backrest breakages weren’t due to a defect in the component. The complexity arises from the fact that the backrest is sold as an add-on, leaving installation to either the customer or a third party.
  • Safety Incidents and Measures Taken: Ducati identified six potential safety incidents, with none occurring in the US. Ducati North America has instructed its dealers to inspect the backrests’ installation and add a warning sticker to advise on correct usage.
  • Procedures Under the Recall: The recall involves inspecting the backrests, replacing them if damaged, ensuring proper installation according to Ducati’s specifications, and placing warning stickers on all bikes to inform about correct backrest usage.
  • Contact for Concerned Owners: Owners can contact Ducati customer service at 1-888-391-5446, citing the recall number SRV-RCL-23-005, or get in touch with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline for more information.

XDiavel VIN Check

Key Analysis

The Ducati North America recall for the 2016 to 2023 XDiavel S and STD models, due to issues with the passenger backrests, presents several key points for analysis:

  • Scope and Impact: The recall affects approximately 2,906 bikes, a relatively small percentage of the total population, indicating a targeted approach to a specific issue. This figure reflects the company’s detailed tracking and understanding of potentially affected units.
  • Historical Context of Recalls: This is not the first recall for the XDiavel range, suggesting a history of challenges in certain components or designs. Previous recalls, such as the side stand issue in 2021 and the 2016 rear wheel installation problem, imply that Ducati is responsive to ongoing quality control and safety issues.
  • Nature of the Problem: The issue stems not from a manufacturing defect but from the accessory nature of the backrest and its installation, which can vary in quality. This highlights the complexities in aftermarket accessories and their influence on motorcycle safety.
  • Risk Management and Customer Safety: Ducati’s proactive approach, despite only a handful of safety cases and none in the US, demonstrates a commitment to customer safety and risk management. This is especially important given the potential severity of a passenger falling off a moving motorcycle.
  • Dealer Involvement in Resolution: The recall strategy involves Ducati’s dealer network for inspection and repair, showcasing the importance of dealer-customer relationships and the role of dealers in upholding brand standards and safety.
  • Communication and Guidance: The addition of a warning sticker and explicit instructions on how to use the backrest safely are critical for mitigating the risk. This step indicates Ducati’s understanding that clear communication with riders and passengers is essential for safety.
  • Impact on Brand and Customer Trust: Handling recalls effectively is crucial for maintaining customer trust and brand reputation. Ducati’s responsive action may help in sustaining customer loyalty and confidence in the brand.

Motorcycle Safety Recall

Pros and Cons of Ducati North America’s recall action for the 2016 to 2023 Ducati XDiavel S and STD models:

Enhanced Safety: Prioritizes passenger safety by addressing a potentially hazardous issue.Brand Image Risk: Recalls can negatively impact the perception of product reliability.
Proactive Approach: Demonstrates Ducati’s commitment to quality and customer care.Inconvenience for Owners: Recall process may cause inconvenience to bike owners.
Dealer Engagement: Strengthens the relationship between dealers and customers.Financial Cost: Recalls often involve significant costs for the company.
Clear Communication: Provides explicit guidance on safe usage of the backrest.Limited Scope: Only a small percentage of bikes are affected, possibly overlooking others.
Historical Responsiveness: Shows Ducati’s consistent response to safety issues over time.Dependency on Installation: Relies on proper installation by third parties or owners.
Trust Building: Can reinforce customer trust through responsible and responsive actions.Accessory Complexity: Highlights challenges in ensuring safety with aftermarket parts.

Ducati Customer Service

Overall, this recall reflects Ducati’s commitment to safety and its adaptive approach to addressing potential hazards. It also underscores the challenges motorcycle manufacturers face in ensuring safety, especially when accessories are involved. By addressing the issue head-on, Ducati demonstrates its dedication to customer safety and its willingness to take necessary steps to mitigate risks.

This recall reflects Ducati’s commitment to passenger safety, underscoring the significance of proper accessory installation and usage. By directing dealers to inspect the motorcycles and provide clear usage instructions, Ducati aims to reduce the risks associated with these backrests.


For owners of the 2016 to 2023 Ducati XDiavel S and STD models, it is crucial to respond to Ducati North America’s safety recall concerning the passenger backrests. If you own one of these models, you should immediately check your VIN and contact your local Ducati dealer or Ducati customer service at 1-888-391-5446.

Ensure your bike is inspected, and if necessary, have the backrest replaced or properly installed as per Ducati’s specifications. Additionally, you can also reach out to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Vehicle Safety Hotline for further information. Prioritizing this recall will help ensure your safety and the longevity of your motorcycle.


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