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Bajaj Auto has registered the ‘Vector’ trademark in India, sparking speculation about the launch of a new scooter model. This development is particularly intriguing given Husqvarna’s earlier introduction of a concept scooter bearing a similar name and its association with Bajaj. However, as of now, there’s no definitive word from Bajaj about how they plan to use the ‘Vector’ name.

The trademark filing of ‘Bajaj Vector’ by Bajaj Auto in India hints at a potential new scooter model, sparking industry speculation. This move is particularly intriguing due to Bajaj’s association with Husqvarna, which previously introduced a similarly named concept scooter.

Bajaj Auto Electric Scooter

The ‘Vector’ could signify Bajaj’s expansion into the electric vehicle (EV) market, aligning with their existing Chetak electric scooter. While the exact plans for the ‘Vector’ remain unconfirmed, the move suggests Bajaj’s strategy to diversify its product range and strengthen its position in the rapidly evolving EV segment, both in India and potentially in global markets.



  • Trademark registration: Bajaj Auto has registered the “Vector” trademark in India, sparking speculation about a new scooter model, possibly electric.
  • Intriguing timing: This coincides with Husqvarna’s introduction of a “Vektorr” concept scooter, and Bajaj’s existing partnership with Husqvarna.
  • Unconfirmed intentions: Bajaj has not officially revealed how they plan to use the “Vector” name, leaving room for various possibilities.
  • Potential electric scooter: The registration fuels expectations of Bajaj expanding its electric scooter range, potentially with the “Vector” model.
  • Shift towards electric mobility: This aligns with Bajaj’s recent focus on electric vehicles like the Chetak.
  • Vektorr concept adaptation: The similarities between “Vector” and “Vektorr” raise the possibility of Bajaj using the name for the production version of Husqvarna’s concept scooter.
  • Bajaj’s market position: As a major player in India’s two-wheeler market, Bajaj’s inactivity in the conventional scooter segment adds weight to the speculation about a new offering.
  • Electric lineup expansion: Bajaj’s existing electric scooter, the Chetak, and hints of further introductions suggest a continued focus on electric mobility.

The registration has raised expectations about Bajaj Auto, headquartered in Pune, broadening its range of electric scooters. The Vector could be a part of this expansion, indicating a shift towards electric mobility.

There’s a strong likelihood that the ‘Vector’ name might be earmarked for the production version of Husqvarna’s Vektorr concept, considering the collaboration between Bajaj and Husqvarna and Bajaj’s focus on electric models like the Chetak.

Additionally, it’s notable that Bajaj Auto, a key player in India’s two-wheeler industry, has been relatively inactive in the conventional scooter market lately. The company’s electric lineup is currently represented by the Chetak, but there have been indications of potential new introductions in this segment.

Bajaj Trademark Filing

The key points to analyze regarding the trademark filing of ‘Bajaj Vector’ by Bajaj Auto in India are:

  • Potential New Model Launch: The trademarking of ‘Vector’ by Bajaj Auto aligns with the industry practice of securing names for upcoming models. While there is no official confirmation, this move commonly indicates plans to introduce a new model, possibly an electric scooter, given the current market trends and Bajaj’s product history.
  • Association with Husqvarna: The name ‘Vector’ is notably similar to Husqvarna’s concept scooter ‘Vektorr’. Given the existing partnership between Bajaj and Husqvarna, this could suggest a collaboration or a shared platform for the upcoming model. This is a common strategy in the automotive industry to optimize resources and brand reach.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Market Focus: Bajaj Auto’s focus on expanding its electric vehicle portfolio is evident with the success of the Chetak electric scooter. The ‘Vector’ could be a strategic addition to strengthen their position in the EV segment, which is rapidly growing in India due to increasing environmental concerns and supportive government policies.
  • Market Positioning and Competition: The introduction of ‘Vector’ might be aimed at diversifying Bajaj’s product range and addressing gaps in their current lineup, especially in the electric scooter segment. This could be a move to compete more effectively with other players in the market, who are also expanding their electric vehicle offerings.
  • Uncertainty and Speculation: Despite these possibilities, the absence of official details from Bajaj Auto means that any discussion about the ‘Vector’ remains speculative. Trademark filings do not always lead to product launches and can sometimes be defensive strategies to protect potential brand names.
  • Implications for Indian and Global Markets: If Bajaj launches ‘Vector’, it could impact both the Indian and potentially global markets. Bajaj has a significant presence in several international markets, and a new model, especially an EV, could align with global shifts towards sustainable transportation.

Husqvarna Vektorr Concept

Tthe trademark filing of ‘Bajaj Vector’ is a significant indicator of Bajaj Auto’s strategic planning, especially in the electric scooter segment. However, until more details are officially released by Bajaj, the exact nature, features, and market implications of the ‘Vector’ remain speculative.


In conclusion, the filing of the ‘Bajaj Vector’ trademark suggests the possibility of a new scooter, likely an electric one, but the specific intentions behind this move remain unconfirmed by Bajaj Auto.

For the latest updates and detailed insights into Bajaj Auto’s plans for the ‘Vector’ and their expanding electric vehicle portfolio, enthusiasts and industry watchers should keep an eye on official announcements from Bajaj Auto. Following industry news sources, subscribing to automotive newsletters, and joining relevant online forums and social media groups can provide timely information and discussions about Bajaj’s upcoming models and strategies in the electric scooter segment.

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