Exploring the Michelin Power 6

Michelin’s 2024 tire lineup, featuring the Power 6, Power GP 2, and Anakee Road, caters to diverse motorcycle enthusiasts with advanced technology and design. The Power 6 combines daily practicality with sporty performance, ideal for road riders. The Power GP 2, infused with MotoGP know-how, offers enhanced grip for track and road use, targeting sports bike owners.

The Anakee Road, designed for adventure touring, provides high grip and stability for long trips and commuting. These tires demonstrate Michelin’s commitment to innovation, safety, and meeting the specific needs of different rider segments, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Michelin Power GP 2 track performance

Michelin, a pioneer with over a century of experience in developing two-wheeler tires, has announced the launch of three new motorcycle tires, set for release in January 2024. These tires were showcased at the EICMA trade show in Milan, demonstrating Michelin’s continued legacy in the field of motorcycle tire technology.

  • Michelin Power 6: Tailored for sports motorcycle enthusiasts, this tire blends performance with enjoyment. It is ideal for a broad spectrum of sports bikes, emphasizing both longevity and excellent handling in various conditions. The Power 6 is especially suited for bikes over 300cc, including the 2024 KTM 390 Duke.
  • Michelin Power GP 2: This tire is designed for track lovers but is also road-legal. It represents an advanced version of the Michelin Power GP tire, offering superior grip and performance enhancement, particularly for seasoned riders. Its development, influenced by Michelin’s MotoGP experience, signifies a benchmark in its category.
  • Michelin Anakee Road: As part of the Anakee line, the Anakee Road is crafted for adventure touring motorcycles, ideal for extended road journeys and daily commutes. It delivers robust grip and stability, ensuring a long service life. This tire is optimized for road use, catering to those who primarily ride on pavement.

Michelin Anakee Road adventure touring

The key analysis of Michelin’s new tire releases for 2024 – the Power 6, Power GP 2, and Anakee Road – reveals a strategic focus on diverse riding needs and technological innovation:

  • Target Market Diversity: Each tire caters to a specific segment of the motorcycle market, ensuring broad appeal. The Power 6 targets everyday riders and sports enthusiasts, the Power GP 2 is for track and performance-focused riders, and the Anakee Road is for adventure touring and daily commuting.
  • Performance and Innovation: These tires showcase Michelin’s commitment to performance, grip, and durability. The Power 6 and Power GP 2 benefit from Michelin’s MotoGP experience, indicating high-performance standards.
  • Market Collaboration: Michelin’s collaboration with motorcycle manufacturers for these tires aligns with current and upcoming motorcycle models, ensuring compatibility and enhanced riding experiences.
  • Availability and Launch Strategy: Set for release in January 2024, these tires are part of Michelin’s continuous innovation in the motorcycle tire sector. The availability for retailer orders since November 2023 and the planned press tests in early 2024 indicate a well-planned launch strategy.

2024 Michelin tire technology

The introduction of Michelin’s new tires – Power 6, Power GP 2, and Anakee Road – in 2024 is likely to have a significant impact on motorcycle enthusiasts:

  1. Enhanced Riding Experience: These tires, with their advanced grip and performance features, will likely enhance the overall riding experience, offering improved safety and enjoyment.
  2. Specific Needs Addressed: With each tire targeting a different riding style – from daily commuting to track racing – enthusiasts can choose tires that best suit their specific needs, leading to a more personalized and satisfying riding experience.
  3. Technological Advancement: The use of MotoGP technology and focus on performance in varying conditions demonstrates Michelin’s commitment to innovation, which can inspire and excite motorcycle enthusiasts.
  4. Brand Trust and Loyalty: Michelin’s strong legacy and consistent performance could strengthen brand loyalty among enthusiasts who value quality and reliability in their tire choices.

These new tire options from Michelin are likely to be well-received by the motorcycle community, offering enhanced performance, safety, and specialized options for different types of riders.

Michelin motorcycle tires review

Pros and Cons

Tire ModelProsCons
Michelin Power 6Balanced for performance and enjoyment, excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, suitable for daily and long-distance rides, homologated for motorcycles over 300ccMay not be as specialized for extreme sports or track use as other models
Michelin Power GP 2Enhanced grip on wet and dry surfaces, developed with MotoGP technology, ideal for track and performance-focused riders, homologated for road usePossibly less suited for regular, everyday road use compared to more versatile tires
Michelin Anakee RoadHigh levels of grip in various conditions, long service life and stability, designed for adventure touring and commuting, optimized for road useLess appropriate for aggressive off-road use compared to other tires in the Anakee range

Michelin tire safety and innovation

Overall, Michelin’s new tire lineup for 2024 reflects its ongoing commitment to innovation, performance, and meeting diverse rider needs in the evolving motorcycle market.

Agostino Mazzocchi, VP of B2C sales for Michelin Europe North, highlighted the collaboration with motorcycle manufacturers to align these tires with new bike models, showcasing Michelin’s commitment to enhancing rider experience. These tires have been available for retailer orders since November 2023 and will be accessible to customers from January 2024, with press tests planned for early in the year.


Discover the future of motorcycle riding with Michelin’s 2024 tire lineup. Whether you’re an avid road rider, track enthusiast, or adventure tourer, these tires offer the perfect blend of performance, safety, and innovation. Choose from the versatile Power 6, the track-ready Power GP 2, or the adventurous Anakee Road to elevate your riding experience.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your rides with Michelin’s cutting-edge technology and design. Visit your nearest Michelin retailer or check online for more details and to get your hands on these groundbreaking tires. Ride into the future with Michelin!


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