Jim Cramer's False Statements About the Tesla Cybertruck Are a Good Omen

Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Endorsement

Giorgetto Giugiaro, the renowned designer of the iconic DeLorean, has expressed his views on the Tesla Cybertruck, describing it as a “masterpiece” and “the Picasso of automobiles.” He noted that the Cybertruck, like his own design of the DeLorean, is a departure from traditional aesthetics, focusing instead on emotion and robustness rather than harmony and perfection.

This summary presents Giorgetto Giugiaro’s views on Tesla’s Cybertruck, underlining its impact in the realm of automotive design. Giugiaro, famed for creating the DeLorean, hails the Cybertruck as an innovative “masterpiece,” comparing it to “the Picasso of automobiles.” The analysis discusses the evolution from conventional design aesthetics to a focus on emotional resonance and sturdiness, mirroring the industry’s shift towards uniqueness and personal expression in car design.

Tesla Cybertruck Design

It also considers Giugiaro’s influential legacy, the Cybertruck’s anticipated success, Tesla’s pioneering strategies led by Elon Musk, and future trends in electric vehicle design. This encapsulation highlights the transformative trajectory of automotive design as interpreted by a renowned designer.


Giugiaro’s perspective on the Cybertruck is particularly significant given his legendary status in automotive design and his role in creating the DeLorean, a vehicle known for its distinctive stainless steel design and appearance in the “Back to the Future” film series​​​​.

Giugiaro believes that the Cybertruck’s unique design will make it hugely successful, as it stands out in a market where distinctiveness is increasingly sought after. He anticipates that the vehicle will find its admirers due to its bold approach to design. This viewpoint aligns with broader trends in the automotive industry, where uniqueness and individual expression are becoming more valued​​​​.

Electric Vehicle Innovation

Interestingly, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has also revealed that the DeLorean was among the vehicles that inspired the design of the Cybertruck. This connection underscores the influence of Giugiaro’s work on contemporary automotive design, particularly in the realm of electric vehicles.

Moreover, Musk has ambitious plans for the Cybertruck, including the development of a “mod package” that would enable the vehicle to function as a boat, capable of traversing at least 100 meters of water. This feature would be an innovative addition to the vehicle’s capabilities, reflecting Tesla’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology and design​​.

Key Analysis of Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Views on the Tesla Cybertruck:

  • Impact of Design Legacy: Giugiaro’s status as a design icon, especially known for the DeLorean, lends significant weight to his opinions. His endorsement of the Cybertruck as a “masterpiece” and a “Picasso of automobiles” is not just a personal opinion, but a professional validation from a highly respected figure in the automotive design world. This is particularly relevant given the Cybertruck’s divergence from traditional automotive aesthetics.
  • Focus on Emotional and Robust Design: Giugiaro highlights a shift in design philosophy – from seeking harmony and perfection to emphasizing emotion and robustness. This approach aligns with the emerging trend in the automotive industry that favors distinctive, bold designs over conventional aesthetics. It reflects a broader cultural shift towards valuing individual expression and uniqueness in product design.
  • Market Necessity for Distinctiveness: Giugiaro’s prediction of the Cybertruck’s success is rooted in the understanding that today’s market demands distinctiveness. In an era where consumers seek to stand out, the Cybertruck’s unconventional design could be a significant advantage, potentially setting a precedent for future automotive designs.
  • Influence and Inspiration: The connection between the DeLorean and the Cybertruck, as acknowledged by both Giugiaro and Musk, illustrates the enduring impact of iconic designs on contemporary creations. This continuity underscores the importance of innovative legacy designs in inspiring future automotive trends.
  • Tesla’s Innovation and Ambition: Musk’s plans for the Cybertruck, like the proposed “mod package” for aquatic capability, demonstrate Tesla’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in automotive design and functionality. This aligns with Tesla’s overall strategy of innovation and disruption in the automotive industry.
  • Predictive Power for EV Market Trends: Giugiaro’s comments on the Cybertruck can be seen as indicative of the direction in which the electric vehicle (EV) market is heading. The emphasis on distinctive, emotion-evoking designs in EVs suggests a future where such characteristics become key differentiators in a rapidly growing and increasingly competitive market.

DeLorean Designer’s Perspective

For enthusiasts of the Tesla Cybertruck, Giorgetto Giugiaro’s endorsement and comparison of the vehicle to “the Picasso of automobiles” holds significant implications:

  • Validation of Design Choices: Giugiaro’s recognition validates the Cybertruck’s unconventional design. Enthusiasts can view their interest in the vehicle not just as a preference for a unique design, but as an alignment with a forward-thinking approach to automotive aesthetics championed by a legendary designer.
  • Increased Interest and Value: Such high-profile praise could heighten interest in the Cybertruck, potentially increasing its desirability and value. Enthusiasts may find themselves part of a more exclusive and esteemed group of early adopters and advocates for this pioneering vehicle.
  • Enhanced Perception of the EV Market: Giugiaro’s comments contribute to a broader understanding and appreciation of electric vehicles (EVs), particularly those that break away from traditional designs. This could lead to a greater acceptance and enthusiasm for EVs among the general public.
  • Inspiration for Future Designs: The Cybertruck, receiving accolades from a design icon, might influence future vehicle designs. Enthusiasts can anticipate a more diverse and innovative range of EVs, inspired by the Cybertruck’s bold departure from conventional aesthetics.
  • Reinforcement of Brand Loyalty: For Tesla enthusiasts, Giugiaro’s remarks reinforce the brand’s reputation for innovation and design leadership. This can strengthen brand loyalty and justify their preference for Tesla’s approach to vehicle design and technology.
  • Empowerment in Market Discussions: Enthusiasts equipped with Giugiaro’s insights can engage more confidently in discussions about automotive design trends, particularly regarding the blend of form and function in modern vehicles.

EV Design Trends

Giugiaro’s views on the Tesla Cybertruck provide insights into current and future trends in automotive design, particularly in the context of electric vehicles. His endorsement emphasizes the growing importance of unique, emotionally resonant designs in an industry traditionally governed by principles of aerodynamics and efficiency.

Giugiaro’s endorsement of the Cybertruck as a groundbreaking and successful design underscores the ongoing evolution and diversification of the automotive industry, especially in the context of electric vehicles. His insights provide a unique perspective on the future of automotive design, where innovation and the challenge of traditional aesthetics play a crucial role.


For automotive enthusiasts and industry professionals seeking to understand the evolving landscape of car design, particularly in the electric vehicle sector, this analysis offers valuable insights. It’s an invitation to explore how legendary designers like Giorgetto Giugiaro are shaping perceptions of modern automotive aesthetics and functionality.

If you’re interested in the intersection of classic design influence and futuristic innovation, especially as exemplified by the Tesla Cybertruck, this analysis is a must-read. It provides a unique perspective on the trends and transformations defining the future of automotive design. Dive into this insightful exploration to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of automotive innovation.


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