The SYM ADX 300 is an innovative adventure scooter by Taiwanese manufacturer SYM, designed to bridge the gap between urban mobility and off-road adventure. This model features a robust 278.3cc engine, offering a blend of performance and practicality.

Its design includes a rugged aesthetic with a mini beak, tall windscreen, and full LED lighting, appealing to adventure enthusiasts. The scooter is equipped with ample storage, comfortable seating, and enhanced durability for diverse riding conditions. Set to launch in 2024, the ADX 300 targets a broad audience, offering versatility for both city commuting and light off-road use, making it a significant addition to the adventure scooter segment.

Adventure Scooter

The ADX 300 from SYM, a Taiwanese scooter manufacturer, represents the brand’s foray into the adventure scooter market, a segment popularized since the introduction of the Honda X-ADV in 2016. This model is an advancement over the previously released ADX 125, offering superior performance and more upscale features while retaining a rugged appearance. Its design includes a small beak at the front, a high windscreen, angular bodywork, and comprehensive LED lighting.


Performance-wise, the ADX 300 is powered by a 278.3cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine. It delivers a maximum power of 25.8 horsepower and a torque of 26 Nm (around 19.24 pound-feet), positioning it competitively among maxi-scooters with similar engine displacement. The scooter is equipped with 15-inch wheels at the front and 14-inch at the rear, along with disc brakes on both ends for effective braking.

Urban Mobility

The ADX 300 also emphasizes practicality, featuring significant under-seat storage, a spacious saddle for two, extended floorboards, and passenger grab handles for enhanced comfort. The scooter’s windscreen is adjustable, and it includes handguards for extra protection against the elements. SYM has modified the frame, based on that of the Joyride 300, for increased sturdiness and upgraded the fuel tank capacity to 16 liters for extended range.

278.3cc Engine

The SYM ADX 300 represents a strategic move by SYM to capitalize on the growing popularity of adventure scooters, a trend started by the Honda X-ADV in 2016. Here’s a key analysis of the ADX 300:

  • Market Positioning: The ADX 300 is positioned as a mid-range adventure scooter, bridging the gap between basic scooters and high-end maxi-scooters. Its engine capacity and power output place it in direct competition with similar models in the maxi-scooter category.
  • Design and Aesthetics: SYM’s focus on rugged design elements like the mini beak, tall windscreen, and angular bodywork aligns with the aesthetic expectations of adventure scooter enthusiasts. The full LED lighting not only enhances its visual appeal but also adds a premium touch.
  • Performance Parameters: With a 278.3cc engine, the ADX 300’s power output is respectable for its class, offering a balance of urban maneuverability and sufficient power for longer, more adventurous rides. This makes it a versatile option for both daily commuting and occasional off-road excursions.
  • Practical Features: SYM has emphasized practicality in the ADX 300, evident in its ample storage space, comfortable seating for two, and long floorboards. These features cater to the needs of riders who prioritize convenience and comfort in urban and semi-urban environments.
  • Off-road Capabilities: The reinforced frame and increased fuel capacity suggest that the ADX 300 is designed not just for urban commuting but also for moderate off-road use. This dual capability could attract a broader range of customers.
  • Market Response Uncertainty: As of now, the market’s response to the ADX 300 is uncertain, particularly in terms of its pricing and specific features. The scooter’s success will depend on how well it balances performance, features, and cost, especially in competitive European markets.
  • Potential Challenges: SYM will need to navigate challenges such as differentiating the ADX 300 in a crowded market and ensuring that it meets the specific demands of riders in various regions, especially in Europe where preferences and regulations can vary significantly.
  • Future Prospects: The launch of the ADX 300 in 2024 could bolster SYM’s presence in the international scooter market, provided it resonates well with the target audience’s preferences for performance, style, and utility.


Pros and Cons of the SYM ADX 300:

Versatile Performance: The 278.3cc engine offers a balance of power and maneuverability for both urban and light off-road use.Market Competition: Faces strong competition from established models like the Honda X-ADV.
Adventure-Ready Design: Rugged aesthetics with features like a mini beak, tall windscreen, and full LED lighting cater to adventure enthusiasts.Pricing Uncertainty: The lack of announced pricing might lead to speculation and hesitation among potential buyers.
Practical Features: Ample storage, comfortable seating for two, long floorboards, and adjustable windscreen enhance everyday usability.Brand Recognition: SYM, while known, may not have as strong a brand presence as some of its competitors in certain markets.
Dual Capability: Designed for both urban commuting and moderate off-road excursions, increasing its appeal to a broader audience.Performance Limitations: While adequate, the performance may not satisfy riders looking for more power in off-road conditions.
Enhanced Durability: Reinforced frame and increased fuel capacity suggest a focus on longevity and extended range.Market Response: The success of the model is yet to be tested in the diverse European market.
Potential Market Expansion: Could strengthen SYM’s position in the international scooter market, especially in the adventure segment.Regulatory Compliance: May face challenges in meeting varying regulations and standards across different European countries.

Adventure-Style Scooter

The SYM ADX 300 appears to be a well-thought-out addition to the adventure scooter segment, combining practicality with the thrill of adventure riding. However, its success will largely depend on its market positioning, pricing strategy, and the ability to meet or exceed consumer expectations in a competitive segment.

Currently, there is no official information regarding the pricing or availability of the ADX 300, but it is anticipated to be released in European markets in 2024, according to various regional sources.


Experience the thrill of urban and off-road adventure with the SYM ADX 300. This innovative scooter combines practicality with performance, making it an ideal choice for both daily commuting and weekend escapades. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your riding experience.

Stay tuned for its launch in 2024 and be one of the first to embrace this exciting new addition to the adventure scooter segment. Follow us for the latest updates on pricing, availability, and more, and get ready to redefine your journey with the SYM ADX 300. Your adventure awaits!

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