Yamaha unveils 2020 Tenere 700

Yamaha has launched 2020 Tenere 700. 【Ténéré 700】689㎤の水冷直列2気筒270度クランクエンジン搭載のアドベンチャーツアラー。さまざまな軽量化技術を投入し、前モデル「XTZ660」比で約10kgの軽量化を実現。なお、2020年夏以降に日本発売を予定しています。※参考出展車(欧州仕様) #東京モーターショー2019#TMS2019 pic.twitter.com/PCtTkcgmN4 — ヤマハ バイク (@yamaha_bike) October 10, 2019 Price in the US is $ 9,999, so it is about 1,92,300 in Japan. If the US price is high, we understand, but the US price is relatively low. It’s a bit mystery.  Where do you make the […]Read More

Top 6 things that Norton did to show that it

We received the news from Leicester Mercury about 15 days ago . And we never expected that the British Iconic Brand would go into administration so soon. Let’s take a look at Top 6 things that Norton was doing, and that pretty much showed Norton as a brand was stable. Top 6 Things Norton’s expansion […]Read More

Nathanpol of KVAN Automotive brings the new EV Concept

About Nathanpol Nathanpol Wanathong, based in Bangkok, Thailand, drives his own design company called KVAN Automotive and Design Co., Ltd. Present brand (KVN®). His focus is on building designs with multiple project concepts. In this present electric concept that is with a part and equipment  from the leading manufacturer for the electric motor and battery […]Read More

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