Ducati set to bring a new novelty on their MotoGP

In November 2019, we saw Ducati test their bikes for the upcoming MotoGP 2020 Season. Danilo Petrucci and Jack Miller were testing these bikes at Jerez. However, no one ever realized the two control buttons that were present on the left handle, and these two buttons are responsible for managing a cable. Our friends from Corsedimoto have […]Read More

All the details about 2020 Yamaha VMAX

The Yamaha VMAX was born 35 years ago, and now Yamaha brings the latest 2020 edition with new paint dark paint scheme “Matte Raven Black.” The new paint scheme does look ravishing, and everyone knows the VMAX does have an accelerating power. Last, the VMAX amended in 2008, where we saw the second generation of […]Read More

Kawasaki unveils 2020 Ninja H2 CARBON

Kawasaki has unveiled the new 2020 Ninja H2 CARBON model. Let’s take a look at it. In our previous article, we published was about what do we expect in the upcoming Ninja H2? Variable cowling: Kawasaki has made the variable cowling. The function of the cowls, especially the rear ones, will help the rider to get […]Read More

Is Harley Davidson building an electric scooter?

Concept Teased in Jan 2019, the Harley electric concept. Out of two, one of the ideas was the electric Scooter concept. The objective of these lightweight electric ideas is for an urban future by being commonly simple to ride – no grasp, no moving, lightweight, and with the aim of no bike permit required to work. […]Read More

Is Norton Motorcycle still under threat?

Is the British Iconic Motorcycle brand still under threat? Last year in March 2019, we were looking at the notice that Norton did receive from Companies House. The notice said about Norton not carrying out any business or  operation. Now we come to know from Leicester Mercury that Norton is working with HMRC to avoid the petition […]Read More

The man behind the Brush Monkey

We take a look at the man behind the name brush_monkey. Profile His name is Pranjal Das. He is 25, a graduate of NID Ahmedabad, furniture design by discipline, and is always into motorcycles.  He started his professional career at Honda R&D, India. Worked for 2.5 years there as a two-wheeler designer and recently moved […]Read More

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