Unveiling the Mutt DRK-01: A Modern Take on Retro Scrambler Bikes

Mutt Motorcycles, renowned for their retro-style scrambler bikes, introduces the DRK-01, a fresh innovation that retains the brand’s classic aesthetics while integrating modern engineering. This launch marks a significant milestone as Mutt celebrates nearly a decade of motorcycle craftsmanship. The DRK-01 stands out as a ground-up build, featuring an entirely new engine and frame, which signals a new era for Mutt Motorcycles.

From the Ground Up: Mutt DRK-01’s Innovative Design

Every aspect of the Mutt DRK-01 screams innovation—from its double-cradle frame to the custom 18-inch wheels adorned with Mutt-branded stainless steel spokes. Safety and performance are prioritized with a 320mm disc and four-piston caliper on the front wheel, complemented by a 220mm disc with a single-piston caliper at the rear. For a smooth ride across rough terrains, the DRK-01 is equipped with a 51mm inverted front fork and dual rear gas shocks.

Power Meets Performance: The New Engine of the Mutt DRK-01

The new engine of the DRK-01 is a standout feature, available in both 125cc and 250cc versions. These liquid-cooled units are designed to maximize power and efficiency. The 250cc engine delivers 27bhp and 16lb ft of torque, doubling the output of the 125cc, which offers 13bhp and 8lb ft. This choice allows riders to select the power that best suits their riding style and needs.


Choose Your Adventure: DRK-01 125 vs. DRK-01 250

Whether you opt for the 125cc or the 250cc, the DRK-01 ensures a robust riding experience with a 16-litre fuel tank and a six-speed gearbox. Both models sport knobby tyres on those sleek, branded rims, perfect for adventurers looking to tackle both city streets and rugged paths. The seat height is set at a comfortable 795mm, making it accessible to a range of riders.

The main distinction between the two models lies in their braking systems. The 125 features a combined braking system, while the 250 is equipped with dual-channel Bosch ABS, enhancing safety and control. The 250cc model also carries a bit more weight at 166kg compared to the 125’s 156kg, and it commands a higher price due to its enhanced features.

Pricing and Availability: Get Your Hands on the DRK-01

The Mutt DRK-01 125 is now hitting the market at £3,995, while the DRK-01 250 is priced at £4,750. Both models are exclusively available in matt black, adding a sleek, understated vibe to their powerful presence. For those looking to explore the latest in motorcycle innovation, the DRK-01 by Mutt Motorcycles offers a compelling blend of style, performance, and modern technology.

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