Benelli Week 2023 is going to be an exciting event, packed with history, culture, and of course, motorcycling. Benelli, with its storied past and legacy, has always been a brand close to the hearts of motorcycling enthusiasts.

Given the event’s dedication to the memory of Jarno Saarinen and Renzo Pasolini, the week takes on a particularly poignant tone, making it not only a celebration of the brand and the joy of riding but also a tribute to two racing legends.

Benelli Week 2023 in Pesaro, Italy, promises to be an exciting and memorable event, especially for motorbike enthusiasts. Here’s a concise summary of the information provided:


Benelli Week 2023 Overview

  • Date: September 11 – 17, 2023
  • Location: Pesaro, Italy
  • Organized by: Registro Storico Benelli in cooperation with Motoclub Tonino Benelli. Benelli QJ is also a key partner.
  • Theme: The 50th anniversary of the Grand Prix of Nations where Jarno Saarinen and Renzo Pasolini lost their lives.

Event Program

  • Daily Itinerary: Riders start their day at the Benelli Museum in Pesaro and are led on a planned ride to various locations.
  • Ride Lengths:130km (80.7 miles) to 400km (248.5 miles) daily.


  • Monday, September 11: Ride through the Umbria-Marche Apennines to Monte Cucco.
  • Tuesday, September 12: The destination is the medieval village of Offagna.
  • Wednesday, September 13: Pass through Montefeltro, ending at Monte Nerone.
  • Thursday, September 14: The destination is Castelluccio di Norcia in the Sibilini Mountains.
  • Friday, September 15: Riders will head to the twelfth-century fortress of Monte Cerignone.
  • Saturday, September 16: Ride to the Fonte Avellana monastery on Mount Catria.
  • Sunday, September 17:  Visit the Franciscan sanctuary of Beato Sante, celebrating its 800th year since its founding. There will also be a special musical performance dedicated to Gioacchino Rossini.


For all motorbike enthusiasts, particularly those fond of Benelli, this event provides a unique opportunity to engage with the brand’s legacy, enjoy scenic rides, and remember the legends of motorbike racing. The diverse destinations each day ensure riders get to experience the rich history and natural beauty of the region.

Officine Benelli

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