Ducati Slashes Monster Prices

Ducati has announced massive price cuts of up to Rs 2 lakh on Monster naked street bikes in India, including the entry-level Monster 937 and mid-spec Monster Plus 937 variants. However, the discounts are applicable only till 31st January, 2023. This price slash makes the exotic Italian Ducati Monster range more affordable for Indian customers seeking premium biking experiences and performance.

The price cut aims to boost year-end sales by clearing inventory of the Monster range which combines everyday rideability with intoxicating performance thanks to the soulful 937cc twin. Hurry and book your dream Ducati Monster now before the offer ends this month!

Ducati has announced an aggressive price cut of up to Rs 2 lakhs on its popular Monster naked street bike range in India. The discounts are offered till January 31st, 2023 likely to clear inventory and boost year-end sales.


Details of Price Cut on Ducati Monster Variants

The base Ducati Monster variant’s ex-showroom Delhi price has now dropped from Rs 13.05 lakhs to just Rs 10.99 lakhs, witnessing a huge price cut of Rs 2.06 lakhs.

The mid-spec Ducati Monster Plus is now priced at Rs 11.19 lakhs, compared to around Rs 13 lakhs earlier after considering the latest discount.

However, the range-topping Ducati Monster SP variant continues to retail at Rs 15.95 lakhs as the offers aren’t applicable on it.

This move positions the Ducati Monster as an exciting option in the performance naked bike segment competitively priced against rivals from Triumph, KTM, and Aprilia.

Ducati Aims to Improve Monster Sales

Ducati India has likely introduced this discount on Monster bikes to liquidate existing inventories and enhance sales by passing benefits to customers.

The offer makes the Ducati Monster an incredible value-for-money proposition with exhilarating performance packed in pure, naked streetfighter styling.

For Ducati enthusiasts on a budget, this is the perfect opportunity to purchase the iconic Monster at an unbelievable sub-11 lakh rupee pricing.

Overview of Ducati’s Monster Motorcycle Range

The Ducati Monster represents over two decades of naked sports motorcycle evolution by Ducati. Currently in its 937cc liquid-cooled iteration, the Monster combines everyday usability with monstrous performance.

Let’s look at what each Monster variant offers:

Entry-Level Ducati Monster

The base Ducati Monster 937 produces 108.5bhp power mated to a 6-speed transmission. With just 166kg kerb weight, it boasts an incredible power-to-weight ratio for sharp acceleration and nimble handling.

It features fully-adjustable 41mm usd forks upfront and a preload-adjustable rear monoshock. Braking hardware consists of twin 320mm discs gripped by Brembo calipers. The 17-litre fuel tank offers a riding range of over 250kms.

Ducati Monster Plus

The mid-range Monster Plus 937 is almost identical to standard Monster mechanically. Visual differences include a tinted fly screen and single-seat cowl for a sportier look.

It suits riders wanting better wind protection without compromising the Monster’s raw roadster styling.

Range-Topping Ducati Monster SP

The Ducati Monster SP is the highest spec model with premium cycle parts like Öhlins suspension, Brembo brakes and a Termignoni exhaust system. The 937 Testastretta engine makes 111bhp in SP guise – 2bhp more than other Monsters.

Exotic materials like carbon fibre and billet aluminium adorn the SP model. It epitomizes exotic performance and is the ultimate representation of the Monster ethos.

Ducati Monster – The Quintessential Streetfighter Bike

The Ducati Monster has crafted a cult following globally as an icon of naked sports motorcycles. Its soulful V-twin engine, unmistakable silhouette and feisty Italian character strikes the perfect balance for real-world speed and agility.

The trellis frame chassis offers responsive handling while Pirelli tyres provide tremendous grip and feedback. The muscular 937cc twin makes meaty mid-range punch for riveting acceleration.

A compact wheelbase allows slicing through traffic but it remains stable at triple digit speeds. ItsCACT1000 optimized aerodynamics and riding position excel for spirited riding. While firm, the suspension soaks up potholes reasonably well. The Ducati Monster comfortably devours twisty roads and highway miles in equal measure.

For those seeking a pulsating streetfighter machine bursting with exotic Italian flavour, the Monster fits the bill. And with this attractive discount, there’s no better opportunity to get your hands on this Ducati icon.


Ducati’s limited period price cut makes its Monster range more accessible to Indian customers seeking premium biking experiences. The discounts make these exotic Italian monsters incredible value-propositions without diluting performance or riding excitement in any manner.

The price slash cements the Monster’s credentials as an accessible entry to Ducati’s exotic world for riding enthusiasts upgrading from smaller bikes. With sublime Italian craftsmanship coupled to an intoxicating streetfighter spirit, the Ducati Monster promises unmatched riding thrills on every sortie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Ducati Monster models have received discounts in India?

The standard Ducati Monster 937 and mid-spec Monster Plus 937 have got discounts up to Rs 2 lakhs in India. But the range-topping Monster SP variant remains unaffected.

Q2. How much is the price of base model Ducati Monster now in India?

Thanks to the price cut, ex-showroom Delhi price of the entry-level Ducati Monster has reduced to just Rs 10.99 lakhs, making it an exciting buy.

Q3. Will the price cut be applicable going forward as well?

No, Ducati has announced these Monster discounts are valid only till 31st January 2023. Interested buyers must make their purchase before the offer lapses.

Q4. What are the key highlights of the Ducati Monster range?

The Ducati Monster combines everyday rideability with tremendously exciting performance drawing from a soulful 937cc twin. It epitomizes naked sports styling blended with iconic Italian exotic appeal.

Q5. Why has Ducati introduced this discount on Monster models in India?

The price slash likely aims to liquidate existing inventories and drive sales by passing price benefits to customers in the new year. For bike enthusiasts, it’s a dream opportunity to buy the Monster at a steal.

So if you fancy owning the sensational Ducati Monster, hurry and book one before this offer ends on 31st January! With top-notch equipment, thrilling performance and a lucrative discount, the Ducati Monster range ticks all the right boxes for an unmatched biking experience.

Experience Italian Exoticness Now!

With Ducati slashing Monster prices by Rs 2 lakhs, there’s never been a better time to buy this exotic streetfighter machine. But with the offer ending on January 31st, 2023, you’ll have to act fast.

So visit your nearest Ducati dealership today for a test ride and book your Monster at these limited period prices. Feel the pulsating power of the thrilling 937cc twin, sample razor sharp handling, and explore intoxicating performance dairy never experienced before on two wheels.

Don’t miss your chance to own the iconic Monster at a steal. Turn your biking dreams into reality now with affordable EMIs starting at just Rs 9,999 a month on the Ducati Monster.

Liven up your daily commutes and weekend rides with the Monster’s feisty streetfighter spirit. Stand out from the crowd with scintillating Italian style. Experience the pinnacle of naked bike performance first-hand with this exclusive offer.

Bikes are waiting eagerly in showrooms to hit the streets with you in the saddle! This is an extremely limited period offer ending soon. So rush to the nearest Ducati dealership and book your Monster today!

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