KTM India faced a challenging month in May 2024, with domestic sales experiencing a notable decline. However, the company saw a surge in export numbers, driven primarily by the strong performance of the KTM 200 and 250 series. In this comprehensive analysis, we will delve into the sales figures, identify trends, and understand what this means for KTM in the Indian market.

Domestic Sales Performance

Decline in Overall Domestic Sales

KTM India’s domestic sales for May 2024 stood at 4,525 units, marking an 11.53% decline from the 5,115 units sold in May 2023. This drop translates to a volume de-growth of 590 units. Additionally, there was an 8.10% MoM decline from the 4,924 units sold in April 2024. This downward trend indicates potential challenges in the domestic market, possibly due to increased competition or market saturation.

KTM 200 Series: A Bright Spot

Despite the overall decline, the KTM 200 series (comprising the Duke 200 and RC 200) showed impressive growth. With 2,645 units sold in May 2024, the series witnessed a 13.81% YoY increase from the 2,324 units sold in May 2023. This success can be attributed to recent updates and new sporty color palettes that have resonated well with entry-level bikers. However, MoM sales saw an 11.33% decline from the 2,983 units sold in April 2024.


Performance of the KTM 250 Series

The KTM 250 series, which includes the 250 Adventure and 250 Duke, experienced a decline in domestic sales. In May 2024, the series sold 1,081 units, reflecting a 21.89% YoY decrease from the previous year’s sales. MoM sales also dipped by 2.88%. The 250 series held a 23.89% share of KTM’s domestic sales.

Mixed Results for the 390 Series

The 390 series, comprising the RC390, Duke 390, and ADV 390, saw a slight improvement in MoM sales with 655 units sold in May 2024, up 3.48% from 633 units in April 2024. However, the series still faces challenges in maintaining consistent growth.

Struggles for the KTM 125 Series

The KTM 125 series (RC125 and Duke 125) faced significant setbacks with both YoY and MoM declines. In May 2024, only 144 units were sold, marking a 50.68% YoY and 26.15% MoM decrease. This series seems to be struggling to capture the attention of the target audience.

Export Sales Performance

Strong Export Growth

Contrary to domestic trends, KTM India saw a 16.71% YoY growth in export sales, with 4,589 units sold in May 2024 compared to 3,932 units in May 2023. However, MoM export sales dropped by 23.63% from 6,009 units in April 2024.

KTM 200 Series: Global Leader

Globally, the KTM 200 series continued to lead with 1,712 units exported in May 2024. Despite a 21.83% YoY decline and a 2.56% MoM decrease, the series still commanded a 37.31% share of KTM’s total exports. This indicates strong international demand, particularly in markets where the KTM 200 is positioned as an affordable performance bike.

Remarkable Growth for the KTM 250 Series

The KTM 250 series experienced a significant boost in export markets. With 1,052 units sold in May 2024, the series saw a 126.72% YoY increase from 464 units in May 2023. MoM exports also surged by 30.52% from 806 units in April 2024. This growth reflects the series’ increasing popularity abroad, driven by its versatility and performance.

Challenges for the 390 Series

The 390 series faced a challenging month in export markets, with a YoY decline of 11.46% and a substantial 60.58% MoM decrease, bringing the total units sold to 973. These figures suggest that the 390 series might be facing stiff competition or market-specific issues.

Impressive Growth for the KTM 125 Series

The KTM 125 series saw a massive 375.98% YoY increase in exports, with 852 units sold in May 2024 compared to just 179 units in May 2023. Despite this significant growth, MoM exports fell by 12.88%. The 125 series is gaining traction in international markets, particularly among younger riders and those looking for a cost-effective entry into motorcycling.

Total Sales Performance

Marginal YoY Growth

KTM India’s total sales, combining domestic and export figures, reached 9,114 units in May 2024. This marks a marginal 0.74% YoY growth from 9,047 units in May 2023. However, MoM sales saw a significant 16.64% decline from 10,933 units in April 2024. This mixed performance highlights the challenges and opportunities faced by KTM in balancing domestic and international markets.

KTM 200 Series: Dominance in Total Sales

The KTM 200 series continued to dominate with 4,357 units sold, despite a 3.48% YoY decline and an 8.08% MoM decrease. This series remains a cornerstone of KTM’s lineup, appealing to a broad audience both domestically and internationally.

Positive Results for the KTM 250 Series

The KTM 250 series reported positive results with a 15.42% YoY and 11.15% MoM growth, reflecting increasing acceptance and popularity. This series is becoming a strong performer in KTM’s portfolio, especially in export markets.

Decline in 390 Series Sales

The 390 series saw a decline in total sales, reaching 1,628 units. This series faces challenges in maintaining its market position amidst growing competition and shifting consumer preferences.

Remarkable Growth in the 125 Series

The KTM 125 series achieved the highest percentage growth, with a 111.46% YoY increase to 996 units. This growth underscores the series’ potential in capturing new segments and expanding KTM’s market reach.

Conclusion: Navigating the Road Ahead

KTM India’s sales performance in May 2024 presents a mixed picture. While domestic sales have faced challenges, the company has successfully leveraged its strong export network to drive growth in international markets. The KTM 200 and 250 series have emerged as key drivers of this growth, while the 125 series shows promising potential. However, the decline in the 390 series indicates the need for strategic adjustments to maintain competitiveness.

As KTM continues to innovate and expand its product lineup, focusing on market-specific strategies and addressing consumer preferences will be crucial. The recent updates and new color palettes have already shown positive results for the 200 series, and similar initiatives could help bolster sales across other series. By maintaining a balance between domestic and international markets, KTM can navigate the road ahead and achieve sustained growth.


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