One of the hottest market segments is the adventure scooter segment, with many manufacturers placing their bets on this upcoming trend.

These are heavier, more powerful, and larger motorbikes equipped with extra features to make things easier for the rider. 

This category includes even two-wheel-drive models, which can be a beneficial solution for off-road riding.


And one of the manufactures is Fekon Motors.

They are now putting up outlets here in the Philippines, and we were delighted to be one of the first to see out their Honda-style FKM Venture 150 in images. 



The Fekon Motorcycles sounds identical to any brand in China. Most of the scooter brands in China has a similar design. 

However, that’s not the case, and let’s not digress beyond the topic.

Fekon Motorcycles ( FKM Motors), as we see, is present in multiple countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bangladesh and Singapore.



Let’s just discuss the specs of this new adventurer. We think it would be beneficial whenever you try to acquire one for your adventure trips.

After years of development, Fekon Motorcycle has finally arrived in the Philippines.

And today, we see its newly launched Venture 150 scooter. Let us take a look at this scooter that will surely awaken your adventurous side!

FKM Venture 150, a product of one of the largest motorcycle assemblers, is nothing more than a rebadged version of Dayang Vorei ADV150.

So being identical to Vorei ADV150, the front section is identical to the Honda ADV 150 now that includes the size of the tires with 110/80-R14 and 130/70-R13.

However, the most significant difference the Venture 150 has as it has 4 LED Projector lenses and read LED brakes.

Further, the Dayang Vorei ADV comes equipped with an action cam  inside the colour TFT console.

However, we don’t see the action cam in Venture 150 and has a digital LCD.

Fekon Venture 150 Scooter comes equipped with generous specifications, vary from the other scooters. 

The scooter also has a personalized engine, a four-valve engine close to the original Honda ADV.


Sold in four excellent paint schemes. The single-cylinder 150cc SOHC 4 valve powerplant makes 16.45PS @ 8,500rpm, and the torque is at 14.6Nm @ 6,500rpm. And has a decent capacity of 9 litres.


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