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The FHO BMW Racing Team has some serious concerns about the technical regulations of the Superstock category in the North West 200. While the team’s statement is brief, they believe the regulations are not being applied correctly, leading to a lack of confidence in the safety and fairness of the event.

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FHO BMW Racing Team

The decision to withdraw their leading machines and riders from the event is a significant blow to the North West 200, one of the world’s most prestigious road racing events. The FHO BMW Racing Team is one of the top teams in the sport, and Peter Hickman and Josh Brookes are both highly regarded riders. Their absence will be felt by fans and competitors alike.


It remains to be seen whether other teams or riders will follow FHO BMW Racing Team’s lead and withdraw from the event. The technical regulations’ controversy could continue to overshadow the North West 200 and impact its reputation in the road racing community.

Statement says 

 “The FHO Racing BMW M 1000 RR machines passed scrutineering on Tuesday (9 May) and were allowed to take part in all qualifying sessions before being informed they were not allowed to race moments before the Briggs Equipment Superstock race this evening.” 

Having taken this issue out with the fonaCAB and Nicholl Oils North West 200 organizers, there is no confidence that the FHO Racing riders could take part in a race with the obvious dangers and risks that road racing prevents and then the performance protested or disqualified on a technicality that is not adequately explained.

The FHO Racing team have checked the 2023 technical regulations against those of 2022, and the regulations remain the same, where the team raced the carbon homologated wheels in both Superstock races and the event in 2019.” 

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Superstock racing

According to these regulations, motorcycles competing in this class must use the original homologated wheels from the manufacturer. For BMW motorcycles, this means using carbon wheels.

However, the regulations also prohibit using carbon material, which may seem contradictory. This likely means that while the wheels can be made of carbon, other motorcycle parts cannot.

It is also mentioned that aftermarket wheels are not allowed, so teams can only purchase or use wheels initially approved by the manufacturer.

Finally, the statement notes that no alternative specification is prescribed for wheels in this class, which means that teams cannot modify or replace the wheels in any way beyond what is allowed by the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Source: FHORacing and NorthWest200

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