Gogoro, a Taiwan-based electric scooter manufacturer, is offered a major deal in India, specifically in Maharashtra. The state government has proposed an ‘Ultra Mega Project’ to Gogoro, inviting them to manufacture vehicles, battery packs, and battery swap stations in Maharashtra. The deal is expected to exceed $1.5 billion, including financial incentives and support from the state government.

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The project aims to replicate Gogoro’s successful business model from Taiwan in India, focusing on establishing a battery-swapping and energy storage system. The Maharashtra government expects Gogoro to start manufacturing vehicles, smart batteries, and battery-swapping stations in the state before the end of the year. The project is projected to create approximately 10,000 direct and indirect jobs.


Ultra Mega Projects in Maharashtra are defined as strategic investments exceeding $500 million, and they often receive incentives to ensure successful execution. Maharashtra has approved Gogoro’s request for financial incentives, and the two parties are working to complete the agreement soon.


Gogoro plans to build a smart energy infrastructure in Maharashtra, establishing their battery swapping stations as a leading mobility and energy storage source. The company aims to replicate its successful open battery-swapping network model in Taiwan.

In April, Gogoro partnered with Italy’s Enel X to create a virtual power plant by combining thousands of battery-swapping stations. They expect this virtual power plant to balance the grid by utilizing the stored batteries for energy management.

Gogoro’s founder and CEO, Horace Luke, expressed the company’s focus on creating a domestic supplier ecosystem in India that allows for domestic growth and foreign market expansion. Gogoro anticipates deploying battery-swapping infrastructure across Maharashtra in late 2023.


Maharashtra is India’s largest industrialized state, with a population of over 120 million and a significant contribution to the country’s industrial output.

In addition to Taiwan, Gogoro has plans to establish networks in China and recently completed an IPO in the United States. The company is also active in the Philippines and South Korea.

The Gogoro deal in Maharashtra, India, offers several potential benefits:

  • Economic Growth: The project is expected to attract significant investment, exceeding $1.5 billion, and generate economic growth in Maharashtra. It can create around 10,000 direct and indirect jobs, generating employment opportunities and income.
  • Technology Transfer: Gogoro’s entry into India would bring advanced electric scooter manufacturing technology and battery-swapping infrastructure. This would facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise, fostering technological development in the Indian electric vehicle industry.
  • Sustainable Mobility: Gogoro specializes in electric scooters and battery swapping, which aligns with India’s goal of promoting sustainable and eco-friendly mobility solutions. By introducing their smart energy infrastructure and battery swapping stations, Gogoro could contribute to reducing carbon emissions and air pollution in Maharashtra.
  • Energy Storage and Grid Balancing: Gogoro’s battery swapping stations can be integrated into a virtual power plant, as demonstrated by their partnership with Enel X in Taiwan. This approach allows for the efficient management of energy storage and grid balancing. Implementing such systems in Maharashtra could enhance the stability and reliability of the state’s power grid.
  • Local Manufacturing Ecosystem: Gogoro’s emphasis on establishing a domestic supplier ecosystem in India would foster the growth of local manufacturers. This could lead to increased local production. And job creation and support the development of ancillary electric vehicles and battery technology industries.
  • Strategic Partnership: The collaboration between Gogoro and the Maharashtra government represents a strategic partnership between an innovative electric vehicle company and a state actively seeking to attract investment. And promote sustainable development. This collaboration could serve as a model for similar partnerships in the future, contributing to the growth of the electric vehicle industry in India.


The Gogoro deal can bring significant economic, environmental, and technological benefits to Maharashtra, supporting the state’s sustainable development goals and promoting clean mobility solutions.

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