Hero MotoCorp has patented a new maxi-scooter design. The patent image reveals a sporty front end featuring dual headlamps, a stepped seat and a rear grabrail with provision to mount a top box. The maxi-scooter has a telescopic fork at the front and conventional shock absorbers at the rear. It rides on large-diameter alloy wheels and has a disc brake at the front.


Little is known about the engine that will power Hero’s new maxi-scooter. However, maxi-scooters in this category come with at least a 150cc engine paired with a continuously variable transmission.



Maxi-scooters are extremely popular in the South-East Asian market. Hero’s maxi-scooter could compete with the Yamaha Aerox 155 if launched in India.

Here are some of the key features of Hero’s new maxi-scooter:

  • Sporty front end with dual headlamps
  • Stepped seat
  • Rear grabrail with provision to mount a top box
  • Telescopic fork at the front
  • Conventional shock absorbers at the rear
  • Large-diameter alloy wheels
  • Disc brake at the front
  • Continuously variable transmission

The engine is still under development, but it is expected to be at least a 150cc unit. This would give the scooter enough power to compete with other maxi-scooters in the market.

The maxi-scooter segment is growing rapidly in India, and Hero is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth. The company has a firm brand name and a vast dealer network. This will help Hero to sell its maxi-scooter in large numbers.

Conclusion and Pricing

If Hero’s new maxi-scooter is priced competitively, it could be a successful model. The scooter has a stylish design and several features that will appeal to buyers. Hero’s excellent after-sales service will also back it.

I am excited to see what Hero does with its new maxi-scooter. It has the potential to be a very successful model and could help Hero grow its market share in the scooter segment.

Autocar India

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