In today’s environment motorcycles are no more a mere commodity but they are essential part of everyone’s lifestyle as well as journey. In this blog I have mention factors which will enable any buyer to make decision on how to buy a motorcycle and what motorcycle will be best fit for his/her purpose. As we take each step in future we not only see technological advancement in other areas but also in building motorcycles. We are looking towards future and it is very much essential to look in the future. Why I will let you know below.

Glimpse of future

E.g.:-During the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 and EICMA 2017, Milan Show a self-assist bike was showcased which basically uses the robotics technology that allows the bike to balance in very slow speeds in traffic. It also uses the technology to enable the bike to stand up without wobbling or toppling without any human intervention. As I write the bike is still not into production but is a concept however it will be good to see how this bike will be brought into production stage helping riders to easily manoeuvre in today’s traffic. So the intent here is world as we see is moving at a very faster pace and it is left for buyer as to what option he/she wants to choose and it definitely is not a rocket science.

Let’s look at the factors which will help everyone to buy a right choice.


Objective/Purpose — One of the most vital point before you even hit a showroom is to define your purpose of buying a motorcycle. Purpose could be as below.

Daily Commute/New Riders — If you are looking to buy a motorcycle which will help you to commute in daily traffic as well as help you in providing long rides then standard or street naked bikes which are known for their upright stance and foot pegs are situated in way which allows maximum comfort for any rider. Their moderate engines and ease of use makes these bikes user friendly and also opens option for any new riders.
Long Cruisers — Cruisers are essentially large machines intended for low end torque and they offer a low riding positon, high handle bars and forward foot pegs which allows riders to slightly lean back. Seating posture may not be ideal for new beginners who are expecting higher speeds for long rides.
Sports –These bikes generally have aggressive handle stance and high foot pegs making it ideal for rider to ride on tracks, which is also beneficial when riding into the wind at high speeds. These bikes are enhanced for high speeds and acceleration. But at lower speeds due to aggressive stance these bikes can become cumbersome and tiring for a rider because they put more weight on hands and wrists of the riders.
Dual Sport/Off Road — Bikes having high seats and high centre of gravity so that they can easily cover the high ground. Their small engines and light frames make them for any new rider and for long haul as long they can straddle the bike with both feet planted on the ground.
Tourers — Enhanced for long distance riding tourers have large engines and large fuel tanks. Stance is upright and these bikes have more storage. However, they come in large size and are expensive making it ideal for experienced riders.
Sport Tourers — These are cross between sports and tourers. Compared to sports bikes these bikes have more storage but their frames are light weight compared to touring bikes. They have more relaxed position.

Homework — Once you choose your purpose you may also want to do some homework by reading blogs/reviews, articles on internet on the motorcycle that you want to buy. This will help you to equip the desired knowledge which is required. You can also check with your colleagues/friends who can provide your real time feedback on the bikes who have already bought the bike. Key points when you do your homework
• Weight — Heavier the bike it will be difficult to operate. So do check for the weight while buying the bike
• Engine — Engine size are measured in cubic centimetres (CC) which refers to the volume inside the engine where air and fuel combined to power the bike. A motorcycle with high ccs typically mean huge engines, faster speeds and more power.
• Height — I will also recommend to check the height of the bike while buying as your feet’s should comfortably touch the ground when you stop the bike while riding. If the seat height is long and you are not able to touch your feet, it means the height of the bike is tall.

Test Ride — After you finish your homework. It is highly recommended to test ride the bike as you will get to feel the bike. Long rides would be more suitable as you can open the throttle of the bike and check. Test ride will also allow you to make decision in terms of how the bike has performed in terms of engine, seat height and weight. It is the best method to analyse and narrow your choices. Dealers do allow you to take test rides and as a passionate biker I myself took test rides of Yamaha R3, Benelli 300 and 600i, Kawasaki z650, Z800 and z900, Ducati Scrambler, Monster 797, Triumph Street Triple S, Bonneville,Bobber and BMW s100rr in the past.

Maintenanence — Before you buy your bike it is also necessary to check with your dealers about service cost and at after how many intervals ,service of the bike should take place. This should be mention in the bikes manual but nonetheless it is wise to check with dealer.

Old vs New

While a used motorcycle will be less expensive but it may cost you more in terms of maintenance. There are advantages and disadvantages.

Old Bike


  • A used will be less expensive as compared to brand new bike.
  • New rider may not want to risk damaging the brand new bike so from this perspective old one is good.
  • May have low insurance cost while this may not always be the case.


  • While it is less expensive it will be difficult for you to know its history since you don’t know how the previous owner has treated the bike.
  • A old motorcycle may lack new technology.
  • Maintenance cost may be higher as you don’t know the previous owner have treated the bike.

New Bike


  • New bike comes with warranty.
  • History is very clear.
  • More mileage as it is new.


  • Value of new bike will quickly depreciate.
  • It has higher insurance cost .
  • New bike will cost more as compared to old one.

You always can take help of this blog to buy any bike as I have covered the entire life cycle of buying bike right from making decision to after sales.

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