Jay Leno, the automotive enthusiast and host of Jay Leno’s Garage, recently shared his thoughts on Ferrari’s first SUV, the Purosangue. Known for his candid reviews and impressive car collection, Leno’s take on this new model offers some intriguing insights.

Jay Leno and His Love-Hate Relationship with Ferrari

Jay Leno has always been vocal about his mixed feelings toward Ferrari. While he admires their engineering and performance, he has often criticized their customer service. In previous comments, Leno has likened Ferrari dealers to dominatrixes, highlighting his dissatisfaction with their approach to customer relations. Despite this, his review of the Purosangue suggests a genuine appreciation for the vehicle itself.

The Ferrari Purosangue: Engineering Marvel

Leno starts his review by praising the engineering behind the Purosangue. This super-SUV stands out with its meticulous design and ultra-tight tolerances between the brake calipers and wheels. Ferrari’s attention to detail is evident, making it a true masterpiece in automotive engineering.


Impressive Legroom and Design Details

One of the surprising features Leno points out is the ample legroom for back-seat passengers. It’s not something you’d typically expect in an SUV, especially one from Ferrari. The clamshell hood that opens forward is another unique design element, revealing the front-mid mounted 6.5-liter V-12 engine. This naturally aspirated powerhouse delivers 715 horsepower at 7,750 rpm and 528 pound-feet of torque at 6,250 rpm.

A Test Drive to Remember

During the test drive, Leno can’t help but notice the distinct Ferrari sound. The Purosangue roars like a true Ferrari, and Leno enjoys dipping into the throttle to experience its power. He also comments on the excellent steering, which adds to the overall driving experience.

High-Performance and Exclusivity

David Lee, the owner of this particular Purosangue, highlights some of the $150,000 worth of options he selected. These options alone cost nearly as much as a new Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid Coupe, a sleek SUV with more power and space. However, the Purosangue’s exclusivity and Ferrari’s iconic V-12 engine set it apart from others in the segment.

The Reality of Owning a Purosangue

Despite his praise for the Purosangue, Leno is candid about his issues with Ferrari’s customer service. He explains that his problem isn’t with the cars but with how the company treats its customers. This long-standing issue has kept him from adding a Ferrari to his collection.

Leno’s SUV Collection

Leno also reveals that he doesn’t own any modern SUVs, except for an old first-generation Ford Bronco. Given his limited interest in SUVs and his critical view of Ferrari’s customer service, it’s unlikely that a Purosangue will join his impressive car collection anytime soon.

Jay Leno’s Final Thoughts on the Purosangue

In the end, Leno’s review of the Ferrari Purosangue is filled with admiration for the vehicle’s engineering and performance. However, his personal experiences and preferences suggest that he won’t be purchasing one. While Leno acknowledges the Purosangue as a proper Ferrari with a unique appeal, the hurdles of customer service and his general disinterest in modern SUVs keep it out of his garage.

Why Jay Leno’s Review Matters

Jay Leno’s opinions carry significant weight in the automotive world. His vast experience and candid reviews provide valuable insights for car enthusiasts and potential buyers. Leno’s praise for the Purosangue’s engineering and performance may influence many to consider this super-SUV, despite his reservations about Ferrari’s customer service.

The Impact on Ferrari’s Reputation

Ferrari’s reputation for exclusivity and high performance is well-known, but Leno’s critique of their customer service highlights an area for improvement. As the automotive industry becomes more customer-centric, addressing these issues could help Ferrari attract a broader audience and improve customer satisfaction.

The Future of SUVs in Jay Leno’s Garage

While Leno’s review of the Purosangue is mostly positive, it doesn’t seem to change his stance on SUVs. His preference for unique, classic vehicles like the first-generation Ford Bronco suggests that modern SUVs might not be his cup of tea. However, the Purosangue’s exceptional design and performance could set a new standard for luxury SUVs.

Could Jay Leno Ever Change His Mind?

It’s always possible that a future model or a shift in Ferrari’s customer service approach could sway Leno’s opinion. For now, though, his focus remains on appreciating the craftsmanship and engineering of vehicles without necessarily adding them to his collection.


Jay Leno’s review of the Ferrari Purosangue offers a balanced perspective, highlighting both the strengths and areas of concern. His admiration for the vehicle’s engineering and performance is clear, but his longstanding issues with Ferrari’s customer service and his lack of interest in SUVs suggest that the Purosangue won’t be joining his collection. For automotive enthusiasts and potential buyers, Leno’s review provides valuable insights into what makes the Purosangue a remarkable vehicle, even if it’s not the right fit for everyone.

Jay Leno’s Garage and Ferrari

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