In a momentous occasion that will surely go down in automotive history, Cosworth celebrated its 65th anniversary at its Northampton headquarters amidst a host of special guests and timeless cars.


Reuniting the entire workforce for this landmark achievement added an unparalleled layer of sentimentality to the celebration. Renowned figures from both past and present graced the event with their presence, further highlighting the significance and impact of Cosworth’s contributions over the years.

Sir Jackie Stewart, a legendary name in the world of motorsports, was present to honour the brand’s legacy, alongside the visionary Professor Gordon Murray. Both personalities share an intricate history with Cosworth, and having them together for this grand jubilee was nothing short of extraordinary. “Being back on Cosworth grounds, surrounded by the history and future of this great company, is truly an honor,” remarked Sir Jackie Stewart.


65th anniversary

The true showstoppers of the day were the three iconic cars, each representing an era and ethos of automotive excellence – the Lotus 49, a symbol of F1 innovation; the Bizzarrini 5300 GT, a masterpiece of Italian design; and the Valkyrie, a beacon of modern-day hypercar performance. Each vehicle not only embodies their respective brand’s ethos but also underscores the critical role Cosworth has played in shaping the automotive world.

Automotive excellence

“It’s not just about commemorating 65 years,” said a Cosworth representative. “It’s about celebrating the partnerships, the innovations, and the relentless drive for excellence that has propelled Cosworth to where it is today. These cars, and the legends associated with them, represent our journey and our commitment to ‘Enable Greatness’ in everything we undertake.”

The festivities were not just a reflection of past achievements but also a testament to the boundless possibilities the future holds for Cosworth. As the company ventures into the next chapter of its illustrious journey, it remains steadfast in its pursuit of greatness, innovation, and automotive excellence.


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