Key points of Mahindra’s new brand identity for its electric vehicle lineup

  • Mahindra unveiled a new white infinity logo for its upcoming electric SUVs.
  • The new logo represents the flow of energy, the fluid synergy of the driver and the SUV in multisensory harmony, the racetrack, and the circularity of intelligent sustainability.
  • Mahindra collaborated with music maestro AR Rahman to create a new sonic identity and anthem “Le Chalaang” for its new range of ‘Born Electric’ vehicles.
  • The sonic identity includes over 75 unique sounds tailored for various aspects of the upcoming EV range.
  • The anthem for the new range of ‘Born Electric’ vehicles is called “Le Chalaang” and it was also composed by AR Rahman. The song celebrates the spirit of adventure and the excitement of driving an electric SUV.
  • Mahindra is looking to make a big splash in the electric vehicle market with its new brand identity and range of vehicles. The company is hoping to appeal to a younger demographic with its stylish designs and exciting features.

Brand Identity

Mahindra unveiled a fresh brand identity for its upcoming electric vehicle lineup at the Futurescape event in South Africa. The reveal coincided with the introduction of the Global Pik Up and Thar.e concepts.


The forthcoming electric SUVs from Mahindra will sport a white infinity logo, a departure from the current bronze twin-peaks logo on the XUV400.


According to the company’s statement, the new logo symbolizes the dynamic energy flow, the harmonious synergy between driver and SUV, and the circular intelligence of sustainability, reminiscent of a racetrack.

Intelligent Sustainability

In a strategic collaboration, Mahindra partnered with renowned music composer AR Rahman to compose a distinctive sonic identity and anthem titled “Le Chalaang” for their upcoming ‘Born Electric’ vehicle range.

Furthermore, Mahindra has meticulously crafted more than 75 distinct sounds tailored for various facets of the upcoming EV lineup. These encompass an array of interior and exterior drive sounds, experience zone modes, infotainment cues, and utilitarian signals such as seat belt alerts and turn indicators.


Born Electric

This comprehensive soundscape showcases Mahindra’s dedication to augmenting the auditory aspects of their electric vehicles, enhancing both functionality and user engagement.


Mahindra’s unveiling of a new brand identity and its collaboration with AR Rahman to create a unique sonic identity exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the realm of electric vehicles. The shift to a white infinity logo symbolizes the dynamic energy flow and harmonious interaction between driver and SUV, reflecting a forward-looking approach.

With over 75 carefully crafted sounds enhancing various aspects of the upcoming EV range, Mahindra demonstrates its dedication to providing an immersive and engaging driving experience. This strategic evolution marks a significant step forward as Mahindra positions itself at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution, promising a future of intelligent, eco-friendly mobility.

Source: Team BHP and Image Source: Livemint

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