New 2024 BMW R 12 Price

BMW Motorrad has just set the motorcycle community abuzz with the announcement of the official pricing for their 2024 models, the R 12 and R 12 nineT, in several European markets. While U.S. enthusiasts still await domestic pricing details, the figures from the UK and Europe offer valuable clues.

Key Points

  • The R12 is a cruiser motorcycle, while the R12 nineT is a roadster motorcycle.
  • Both motorcycles are powered by a 1,170cc air/oil-cooled boxer twin engine.
  • The R 12 produces 94bhp at 6,500rpm and 110Nm of peak torque at 6,000rpm.
  • The R 12 nineT produces 108bhp at 7,000rpm and 115Nm of torque at 6,000rpm.
  • Both these motorcycles have a six-speed shaft-drive transmission.
  • R12 and nineT arrives with Dynamic Traction Control and Engine Drag Torque Control.
  • Both motorcycles have dual 310mm discs and radially mounted four-piston Monoblock callipers and a single 265mm disc, two-calliper setup at the rear.
  • R12 and nineT comes with BMW Motorrad ABS Pro standard.
  • Full LED lighting features on each machine as well.
  • The 2024 BMW R 12 and R 12 nineT are available in some markets now.
  • US pricing for the 2024 BMW R 12 and R 12 nineT is not yet available, but we can expect the R 12 nineT to start in the ballpark of $16,500. The R 12 will likely be slightly more expensive.
  • BMW North America has not yet publicly announced pricing information for either of these bikes in the US market.

BMW R 12 nineT 2024 Cost

Diving into the Numbers


In the UK, BMW has priced the 2024 R 12 at £11,990, which translates to approximately $15,251 as of November 29, 2023. If you’re leaning towards the R 12 nineT, you’re looking at a starting MSRP of £14,420, or around $18,349.

Crossing over to Italy, the R 12 begins at €15,900 ($17,477), and the R 12 nineT starts at €18,950 ($20,829). Meanwhile, in Germany, the R 12’s birthplace, it starts at €14,460 ($15,897), and the R 12 nineT at €17,410 ($19,140).

Compared with Previous Models

The comparison gets intriguing with the R 12 nineT, given its existing predecessor, the R nineT. In the UK, the 2023 R nineT started at £14,100, making the 2024 R 12 nineT just £320 more. In Italy, the price increase is even less – just €250 over the 2023 model’s €18,700. Unfortunately, as of my latest information, Germany no longer lists the 2023 R nineT.

Speculating the U.S. Market Pricing

Given these insights, we can venture a guess for the U.S. pricing. The 2023 R nineT carried a starting MSRP of $15,945 stateside. Following the European trend, the 2024 R 12 nineT might be priced around $16,500, but let’s remember, this is an educated guess, not a confirmed price.

Awaiting Official Confirmation

As of now, BMW North America hasn’t released official pricing. They’ve indicated that this information will be available closer to the dealership rollout in the U.S.

European Motorcycle Market

Key Analysis

Let’s delve into a key analysis of the prices for the 2024 BMW R 12 and R 12 nineT based on the information available from European markets, which might offer insights for other regions including the U.S.

  • Comparative Pricing Strategy: BMW seems to follow a consistent pricing strategy across different markets. The new R 12 and R 12 nineT models are priced slightly higher than their predecessor, the R nineT. This increment, however, is relatively modest, suggesting BMW’s strategy to attract existing customers to upgrade while also appealing to new customers.
  • UK Market Analysis: In the UK, the 2024 R 12 is priced at £11,990 ($15,251), and the R 12 nineT at £14,420 ($18,349). Compared to the 2023 R nineT, which was priced at £14,100, the new R 12 nineT shows only a nominal increase. This suggests BMW’s intention to maintain competitive pricing in a market known for its discerning motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Italian and German Pricing: In Italy, the R 12 starts at €15,900 ($17,477), and the R 12 nineT at €18,950 ($20,829). In Germany, the R 12 is priced at €14,460 ($15,897), with the R 12 nineT at €17,410 ($19,140). The slight price variation between these markets could reflect local taxation and market-specific strategies. However, the consistent theme is the alignment of the new model pricing close to their predecessors, indicating a strategic balance between attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.
  • U.S. Market Projection: Given that the 2023 R nineT was priced at $15,945 in the U.S., and based on the price increments seen in Europe, a speculated price for the 2024 R 12 nineT could be around $16,500. However, this speculation should account for additional factors like import duties, shipping costs, and market-specific demands which might influence the final pricing.
  • Market Positioning: BMW’s pricing strategy indicates a strong positioning. By keeping the price increase marginal, BMW seems to be leveraging the new features and designs of the 2024 models to attract customers, rather than relying on aggressive pricing changes.
  • Economic Factors Consideration: The analysis assumes stability in economic factors like currency exchange rates, taxation, and import/export policies. Significant changes in these areas could affect final prices.

Motorcycle Enthusiasts BMW 2024

BMW’s pricing for the 2024 R 12 and R 12 nineT demonstrates a strategic approach, balancing the introduction of new models with a keen awareness of market expectations and consumer loyalty. This is reflected in their marginal price increments over previous models, tailored to each specific market.

Your Thoughts?

How do you feel about these anticipated prices? Are the 2024 BMW R 12 and R 12 nineT on your wishlist? Share your thoughts and stay tuned for more updates as we get them!

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