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New Aprilia RS457 Trofeo

The Aprilia RS457 Trofeo marks a significant leap in the realm of high-performance motorcycles, establishing itself as a track-focused variant of the already acclaimed RS457. Crafted by the renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer Aprilia, this model is poised to cater to the demands of racetrack enthusiasts and professional riders.

With its specialized design, enhanced features, and expected superior performance, the RS457 Trofeo stands out as an embodiment of speed, agility, and engineering excellence. This discussion delves into the key aspects that set the RS457 Trofeo apart, highlighting its race-ready build, advanced features, and the unique position it holds in the world of high-speed motorcycling.


Here are some of the key details about the RS457 Trofeo:

  • Racetrack-ready build
  • SC project exhaust
  • Likely to be launched in international markets only
  • Expected to make its debut in India sometime around the end of this year or early 2024
  • Will rival the KTM RC 390, Kawasaki Ninja 300 and Ninja 400, and a few other 300-400cc supersport motorcycles


The Aprilia RS457 Trofeo appears to be a highly specialized, track-focused version of the already impressive RS457 motorcycle. Here are some key aspects:

  • Racetrack-Ready Build: The RS457 Trofeo is designed specifically for the racetrack. This means it likely features enhancements in terms of handling, aerodynamics, and power, tailored for high-performance track use.
  • SC-Project Exhaust: The inclusion of a full-system SC-Project exhaust indicates a focus on increasing performance. This type of exhaust is known for enhancing engine output and reducing weight, which is crucial for a race bike.
  • Exterior Modifications: The Trofeo model maintains the basic silhouette of the standard RS457 but includes significant changes to reduce weight and optimize aerodynamics. The use of fibreglass panels, the absence of headlights replaced by vented panels, and a cowl covering the pillion seat are all indicative of a bike meant for speed and agility on the track.
  • Engine and Performance: While specific details about the engine modifications are not disclosed, it’s expected that the RS457 Trofeo will feature a retuned engine. The standard RS457 produces 47bhp, and it’s reasonable to assume the Trofeo version will exceed this, especially with the SC-Project exhaust and potential internal enhancements.
  • Suspension, Brakes, and Tyres: The Trofeo variant is likely to have upgraded suspension systems, high-performance brakes, and tyres that are more suited to racetrack conditions. These modifications would significantly improve handling and braking performance, essential for a track bike.
  • Market Availability: The RS457 Trofeo seems to be intended primarily for international markets and may be part of Aprilia’s racing series. This suggests limited availability and a focus on customers who are serious about track racing.
  • Comparison with the Standard Model: The standard RS457 is expected to launch in India and will compete with other 300-400cc supersport motorcycles. The RS457 Trofeo, with its enhanced features, positions itself as a more exclusive, performance-oriented variant.

Engine Tuning

The Aprilia RS457 Trofeo represents a significant advancement in the world of high-performance motorcycles, particularly for track use. Here’s a key analysis of its features and potential impact:

  • Track-Focused Design: The RS457 Trofeo is specifically built for the racetrack. This means every aspect of its design – from aerodynamics to weight distribution – is optimized for high-speed performance and agility. The removal of street-legal components like headlights and the use of lighter materials like fibreglass significantly enhance its track capabilities.
  • Performance Tweaks: While specific details of the engine modifications aren’t disclosed, it’s reasonable to expect enhanced power output compared to the standard RS457. This could be achieved through various means such as fine-tuning the engine mapping, improving air intake and exhaust flow, and possibly internal engine modifications.
  • Suspension and Handling Upgrades: For a racetrack motorcycle, handling is as important as power. The RS457 Trofeo’s adjustable suspension, new brakes, and specialized tires suggest a significant upgrade over the standard model, offering better grip, cornering, and braking – crucial for track performance.
  • Market Strategy and Positioning: The RS457 Trofeo is likely to be a niche offering, targeted at racetrack enthusiasts and professional riders. Its limited availability, especially with it not being launched in markets like India, indicates Aprilia’s strategy to position this model as an exclusive, high-performance machine rather than a mass-market product.
  • Impact on Brand Image: Launching a high-performance, track-oriented motorcycle like the RS457 Trofeo enhances Aprilia’s image as a manufacturer of premium, performance-focused bikes. It underscores their commitment to racing and high-speed motorcycling, potentially attracting a more passionate and dedicated segment of motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Competition and Market Dynamics: While the RS457 Trofeo is in a class of its own, it indirectly competes with other high-performance track bikes. Its launch will likely influence market dynamics in the 300-400cc supersport segment, setting new benchmarks for what riders can expect in terms of performance and technology.

The Aprilia RS457 Trofeo represents a blend of advanced engineering, performance optimization, and strategic market positioning, poised to make a significant impact in the world of racetrack motorcycles.

Exclusive and Limited

Analyzing the Aprilia RS457 Trofeo, we can identify several pros and cons based on its features and intended use:


  • Enhanced Performance: The RS457 Trofeo, with its possible engine tweaks and SC Project exhaust, is expected to offer superior performance compared to the standard model. This includes higher power output and improved throttle response, essential for track racing.
  • Weight Reduction: The use of fibreglass panels and the removal of non-essential components like headlights significantly reduce the bike’s weight, enhancing its agility and speed – a crucial factor for track performance.
  • Specialized Handling and Braking: With its adjustable suspension, high-performance brakes, and track-focused tires, the RS457 Trofeo is likely to offer exceptional handling and braking capabilities, allowing for better control and faster lap times on the racetrack.
  • Exclusive Design and Appeal: The Trofeo model, with its race-oriented design and modifications, carries a unique appeal that attracts enthusiasts and professionals seeking a high-performance, track-ready motorcycle.
  • Brand Prestige: Owning a specialized model like the RS457 Trofeo adds to the prestige factor, as it’s a bike designed for racing series and not commonly seen on regular roads.


  • Limited Practicality for Daily Use: The race-focused modifications make the RS457 Trofeo less practical for everyday riding. The absence of headlights, for instance, restricts its use to daylight conditions on tracks.
  • Availability and Accessibility: Being a track-oriented model, the RS457 Trofeo might not be widely available and could be priced significantly higher than the standard model, making it less accessible to the average rider.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep: High-performance motorcycles like the RS457 Trofeo often require more frequent and specialized maintenance, which can be costlier and more time-consuming compared to standard bikes.
  • Limited Market Appeal: The specific nature of the RS457 Trofeo as a track bike may limit its appeal to a broader audience, confining its customer base to racing enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Riding Skill Requirements: The high performance and specialized handling characteristics of the RS457 Trofeo demand a higher level of riding skill, which might not be suitable for novice riders or those not accustomed to racing bikes.


The Aprilia RS457 Trofeo emerges as a formidable player in the arena of track-focused motorcycles. By incorporating a race-ready build, an SC Project exhaust, and numerous other performance-oriented modifications, it transcends the standards set by its predecessor, the RS457.

While its availability might be limited, primarily targeting the international market and racing circuits, the RS457 Trofeo represents Aprilia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of motorcycle performance. Its introduction is a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence and innovation, offering an exclusive option for those seeking the pinnacle of racetrack performance in a motorcycle.


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