GasGas’s 2024 trial bike lineup appears to be a commendable step forward for the brand. Here’s a brief overview and some insights.

1. TXT GP Models (250 & 300):

  • Performance: The addition of the Akrapovic exhaust pipe is undoubtedly the show-stealer. Made from titanium, it not only makes the bike lighter but also boosts its power in the mid-range. Such a feature is crucial for trial bikes that often need that sudden surge of power at low to mid rpms to conquer obstacles.
  • Handling: With the Tech3 shock and its 25% enlarged reservoir, GasGas seems to be addressing the consistent challenge trials bikes face: overheating during strenuous sessions. Better heat management can lead to more consistent performance.
  • Braking: The inclusion of FIM-approved brake discs is reassuring, as reliable braking is essential for the precise manoeuvres required in trials.
  • Practicality: The shorter gear lever tip is a simple yet effective feature, ensuring that mud doesn’t hinder gear changes.

2.TXT Racing Models (125cc to 300cc):

  • Versatility: Offering these bikes in four different displacements means that riders at different skill levels can find a model suitable for their abilities and preferences.
  • Handling & Suspension: The steel frame, coupled with the Tech forks and shocks, indicates a well-balanced machine. The adjustable forks and shocks are invaluable, especially in trials where every rider has a unique approach.
  • Aesthetics & Comfort: In-mold graphics and ergonomic bodywork signify the brand’s emphasis on design and rider comfort, something that’s as important in trials as it is in other forms of biking.
  • Control: The inclusion of Neken handlebars, Renthal grips, and Braktec hydraulic systems, emphasizes precise control. In trials, fine balance and control over the bike can make the difference between clearing an obstacle or not.
  • Durability: CNC machined hubs on the wheels suggest robustness, ensuring the wheels can endure intense stress during trials.


TXT GP Models (250 & 300):


  • Akrapovic Exhaust Pipe: Made from titanium, it enhances performance by boosting power in the crucial mid-range and also reduces weight.
  • Improved Handling: The enlarged reservoir in the Tech3 shock ensures consistent performance by enhancing heat management.
  • Reliable Braking: FIM-approved brake discs mean these bikes meet international standards for reliable stopping power.
  • Mud Management: The shorter gear lever tip is a practical feature to prevent mud build-up, ensuring smoother gear changes during muddy rides.


  • Potential Price Point: High-quality components such as the Akrapovic exhaust might increase the bike’s price, making it less accessible to some enthusiasts.

TXT Racing Models (125cc to 300cc):


  • Versatility: Available in four different displacements, catering to riders of varying skill levels.
  • Balanced Handling: The lightweight steel frame combined with adjustable Tech forks and shocks provides an optimized balance for challenging terrains.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: In-mold graphics and ergonomic design offer a visually striking look.
  • Enhanced Control: Features like Neken handlebars, Renthal grips, and Braktec hydraulic systems provide riders with precise control.
  • Durability: CNC machined hubs suggest a focus on the bike’s longevity and ability to withstand trial stress.


  • Weight Consideration: While the steel frame aids in agility, some riders might prefer even lighter materials for optimal manoeuvrability in trial situations.
  • Potential Overwhelm: With so many adjustable features, novice riders might feel overwhelmed with the number of settings they can tweak.

General Cons for Both Models:

  • Regional Price Variability: Since pricing and availability vary by region, some riders might find it challenging to acquire these bikes or might have to pay a premium depending on their location.


GasGas seems to be reaffirming its commitment to the trials community with these 2024 models. The combination of performance enhancements, improved handling, and attention to detail signifies that the brand isn’t just resting on its laurels but is actively pushing boundaries. Anyone interested in these models would do well to reach out to a local dealership for a firsthand experience.


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