The MotoGP world has been buzzing with the announcement that Pramac Racing will leave Ducati to become Yamaha’s new satellite team from the 2025 season. This significant shift in the MotoGP landscape brings new opportunities and challenges for both teams. In this article, we delve into the details of this move, its implications, and what fans can expect from this exciting new partnership.

Why Pramac Racing Left Ducati

Pramac Racing’s decision to part ways with Ducati, their partner of 20 years, was not made lightly. Several factors contributed to this significant change:

Departure of Key Riders

Jorge Martin, who has been a crucial rider for Pramac, decided to move to Aprilia. Marc Marquez, another big name in MotoGP, also declared that Pramac was not an option for him, eventually securing an official Ducati seat. This left a gap in Pramac’s lineup and raised questions about their future with Ducati.


Yamaha’s Strategic Need

Yamaha has been on the lookout for a second MotoGP team to bolster their presence on the grid. Despite not winning a race since mid-2022, Yamaha’s commitment to increasing their investment in MotoGP and offering long-term stability made them an attractive option for Pramac. The new deal provides Yamaha with two additional Factory Yamaha YZR-M1s on the grid, signaling their intent to return to winning ways.

Internal Dynamics at Ducati

The reaction of Ducati’s management when Enea Bastianini overtook Jorge Martin at Mugello also played a role. It indicated a preference within Ducati’s hierarchy that might not have aligned with Pramac’s aspirations, prompting them to consider other options.

The New Pramac-Yamaha Partnership

The partnership between Pramac Racing and Yamaha marks the beginning of a new era. This multi-year agreement, set to last seven years, will see Pramac Racing receiving factory-spec M1s from Yamaha.

Benefits for Pramac Racing

  • Access to Factory Yamaha YZR-M1s:
  • Pramac Racing will have access to Yamaha’s top-tier machinery, which could provide them with a competitive edge.
  • Increased Investment:
  • Yamaha’s increased investment in their MotoGP project promises better resources and support for Pramac Racing.

Yamaha’s Goals

  • Strengthening Grid Presence:
  • By doubling their presence on the grid, Yamaha aims to make a strong statement about their commitment to MotoGP and their determination to return to the top.
  • Long-Term Stability:
  • The seven-year deal provides long-term stability, which is crucial for strategic planning and development.

Historical Context of Pramac Racing in MotoGP

Pramac Racing has a rich history in MotoGP, making their move to Yamaha even more noteworthy.

Early Years and Achievements

Pramac Racing made its MotoGP debut in 2002 with Honda machinery. They achieved notable successes, including Bridgestone’s first podiums and race wins with Makoto Tamada. Over the years, Pramac Racing merged with the d’Antin team, which had been running Ducatis since 2004.

Success with Ducati

Pramac Racing enjoyed significant success with Ducati, achieving podiums with riders like Alex Barros, Toni Elias, Scott Redding, Danilo Petrucci, Jack Miller, Francesco Bagnaia, and Johann Zarco. Jorge Martin gave Pramac its first Ducati victory in 2021. The team’s pinnacle came in 2022 when Martin battled for the world championship until the final round, and Zarco added his debut race victory.

The Future Rider Line-Up

The 2025 rider line-up for Prima Pramac Racing is yet to be announced, but there are several exciting possibilities.

Current and Former Riders

  • Franco Morbidelli:
  • Currently 14th in the standings, Morbidelli is unlikely to return to Yamaha, with predictions suggesting he might join VR46.
  • Alex Rins:
  • Quartararo’s current teammate, Rins, is tipped to re-sign at the factory.
  • Miguel Oliveira, Joan Mir, Fabio di Giannantonio:
  • These proven race winners are still available and could be strong contenders for the Pramac Yamaha seats.
  • Jack Miller and Andrea Iannone:
  • Former Pramac riders currently in other competitions could make a return.

Rising Stars

  • Fermin Aldeguer:
  • Signed by Ducati for MotoGP in 2025, Aldeguer is a promising talent who might ride for Gresini or VR46.

Strategic Implications for Ducati and VR46

The departure of Pramac Racing from Ducati opens new avenues for Ducati’s existing and potential future partnerships.

Strengthening VR46-Ducati Links

Valentino Rossi’s VR46 team has made clear their preference for Ducati’s competitive machinery. With Pramac’s exit, VR46 is expected to inherit at least one of Pramac’s factory-spec machines next season, strengthening their ties with Ducati.

Opportunities for New Riders

The reshuffling of riders due to Pramac’s move creates opportunities for new talents to emerge and establish themselves in MotoGP.

Yamaha’s Technical Concessions

Yamaha, like Honda, currently has access to the full range of technical concessions due to recent poor results. This could play a crucial role in their partnership with Pramac Racing.

Enhancing Competitiveness

Access to technical concessions allows Yamaha to make significant improvements to their bikes, potentially closing the performance gap with competitors.

Long-Term Development

The long-term stability provided by the Pramac-Yamaha deal will enable both teams to focus on continuous development and innovation, aiming for sustained success.

Fan Reactions and Expectations

The MotoGP community has been abuzz with reactions to the Pramac-Yamaha partnership.

Positive Reception

Many fans are excited about the potential of this new partnership, seeing it as a fresh start for both Pramac and Yamaha. The prospect of Yamaha returning to winning ways and Pramac Racing’s continued presence on the grid is seen as a positive development.

Anticipation for 2025

There is considerable anticipation for the 2025 season, with fans eager to see how the new Pramac-Yamaha team will perform and which riders will join their ranks.

Conclusion: A New Chapter in MotoGP

The confirmation of Pramac Racing’s move to Yamaha marks a significant shift in the MotoGP landscape. With a seven-year deal and the promise of factory-spec M1s, this partnership brings new opportunities for both teams. As the 2025 season approaches, all eyes will be on Pramac Racing and Yamaha to see how they navigate this exciting new chapter in their MotoGP journey.

This new era promises thrilling races, innovative developments, and renewed ambitions for success. Fans can look forward to an action-packed season with fresh dynamics and fierce competition.

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