Sounds like an exciting collaboration between Husqvarna Motorcycles and Puma! The Puma Nitro 2 Husqvarna Edition all-distance running shoes are a part of Husqvarna’s 2023 Team Wear collection and are already worn by their Factory Racing Teams in motorsport.

Here are some of the key features of the Puma Nitro 2 Husqvarna Edition shoes:

  • Husqvarna’s signature blue and yellow colours
  • Puma Nitro Foam midsole
  • Pumagrip rubber compound sole
  • TPU heel area for stability
  • Available exclusively through authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers

The shoes feature Husqvarna’s signature shades of blue and yellow, inspired by the Swedish flag. They combine darker and lighter blue colours with bright yellow accents, including the Puma logo on the toe. The design also incorporates white and silver elements, such as the Husqvarna logo on the other side of the toe.


Proprietary Technology

Puma has used its proprietary Nitro Foam technology to construct these shoes, providing excellent responsiveness, cushioning, and low weight, enhancing your running performance. The sole of the shoes utilizes Puma’s Pumagrip rubber compound for reliable grip on various surfaces. The heel area incorporates thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for extra stability, similar to motorcycle boots.

As of July 5, 2023, the shoes were not listed on the Husqvarna Motorcycles apparel shop. Pricing and availability may vary depending on your region. It is recommended to contact your local authorized Husqvarna dealer for the most accurate information regarding pricing and availability in your area.

It’s great to see collaborations like these that bring together the worlds of motorsports and fashion!

Here are some potential pros and cons of the Puma Nitro 2 Husqvarna Edition all-distance running shoes:


  • Stylish Design: The shoes feature a unique and recognizable design with Husqvarna’s signature blue and yellow colours, making them visually appealing to brand fans.
  • Collaboration Exclusivity: Being a collaboration between Husqvarna Motorcycles and Puma, these shoes offer a sense of exclusivity and limited availability, which can be desirable for enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Responsive Cushioning: The Nitro Foam technology in the shoes provides outstanding responsiveness and cushioning, offering a comfortable and supportive running experience.
  • Grip on Various Surfaces: The Pumagrip rubber compound used in the sole of the shoes is designed to provide reliable grip on different surfaces, ensuring stability and traction during runs.
  • Stability Features: Incorporating thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) in the heel area adds extra stability, which can benefit runners looking for support and balance.


  • Limited Availability: As the shoes are exclusively available through authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers, finding them may be challenging, especially if you don’t have easy access to such dealers in your area.
  • Price Variations: Pricing for the shoes may vary depending on the region, and they could potentially be more expensive compared to regular running shoes due to their collaboration and limited edition status.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: While the shoes’ design may appeal to fans of Husqvarna Motorcycles and Puma, personal preferences may vary, and the design may not have the same timeless appeal to everyone.
  • Durability for Running: Since these shoes are primarily designed for running, it’s essential to consider their long-term durability and performance, particularly if you plan to use them extensively for high-intensity workouts or long-distance running.


the Puma Nitro 2 Husqvarna Edition all-distance running shoes offer a stylish and unique design that combines Husqvarna Motorcycles’ aesthetics with Puma’s athletic footwear expertise. The collaboration brings together the worlds of motorsports and fashion, providing fans with an exclusive and limited edition product.

Responsive cushioning

The shoes feature responsive cushioning through Puma’s Nitro Foam technology, offering comfort and support during runs. The Pumagrip rubber compound used in the sole provides a reliable grip on various surfaces, while the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) in the heel area enhances stability.

However, the limited availability of these shoes may make them challenging to find, and pricing could vary depending on the region. Personal preferences for the design may also differ, and long-term durability for running purposes should be considered.


If you’re a Husqvarna Motorcycles and Puma fan and are interested in the collaboration, reaching out to authorized Husqvarna dealers in your area would be the best way to obtain accurate information about pricing and availability.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase these shoes depends on your style preferences, running needs, and the level of importance you place on the exclusivity and collaboration aspect of the product.


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