Report: On its 50th anniversary, will Kawasaki unveil Z1 at EICMA 2021?

 Report: On its 50th anniversary, will Kawasaki unveil Z1 at EICMA 2021?

Kawasaki has been playing the long game with the Z1. For its 50th anniversary in 2022. The company is planning to take a once-in-a-lifetime journey and wants to bring fans and riders with it for the ride.

With this, Kawasaki has thrown a new exciting 21 seconds teaser on its social media handle.

However, sources from Japanese motorcycle publication Young Machine was quick to speculate about the arrival of the new Z900RS SE.

The video ends with the date “November 2, 2021”. Classic Kaws aficionados immediately knew what that date signifies: the 50th anniversary of the Z1

And by 2022. Kawasaki will presumably have a new iteration of its most successful model in living memory ready to battle with whatever the competition brings to the table.

While we don’t yet know what that bike might look like or what it will be called. Given how frequently manufacturers celebrate milestone anniversaries on their most iconic models. 

There’s a good chance Kawasaki will unveil or pay homage to the Z1. And launch a limited production run of dedicated Z1s in 2022.


The Kawasaki officially announced the Z1 in November 1972. The Z1 was awarded the MCN’ Machine of the Year’ accolade from 1973 to 1976. 

Over the next few years. The motorcycle became well-known for its iconic design and bright Candy Apple Red paint scheme referred to today as “Fireball Ice”.

Today collectors see it as a benchmark in design and engineering. It was the basis for Kawasaki’s famous lineage of Z-series bikes, including the KZ1000.And finally, the KZ1100R that has been in production for over two decades. 

A few new models used essential design elements from Z1, and they were the Kawasaki Zephyr series and Z1000, but they weren’t exactly an extension of its family bloodline.

The Z1’s 50th anniversary is coming up in 2022 and now.Sources say the company has changed its tune. 

Rumours are now circulating that a Z900 RS SE will arrive at the upcoming EICMA 2021 as a modern homage to the original Z1. And may bring it to dealers in 2022.

Kawasaki’s refusal to confirm this seems to imply that it might not be a one-off build but a proper model planned for production. 

Kawasaki hasn’t said much about this project, but if the company is doing what it can to make it worthy of an extra-special celebration, we won’t complain. 

The Z1 was Kawasaki’s first successful street bike with a double tubular street cradle frame, rear swingarm, 18-litre tank and more.

Kawasaki had built the Z1 for the Ah-ha! Moment, but has stood the test of time as more of a neo-retro machine than many bikes claim that label today.

Let’s wait and watch.

via Young Machine

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Raymond y
Raymond y
1 year ago

I had one in 1978 a green one best bike I own

Akash Dolas
Reply to  Raymond y
1 year ago


Andre Havenga
Andre Havenga
1 year ago

A commemoration model Z would be awesome.

Akash Dolas
Reply to  Andre Havenga
1 year ago

They should yes.

Mark Mcknight
Mark Mcknight
1 year ago

1976 candy green Kz 900 most beautiful motorcycle ever built wish I still had it

George Poulos
George Poulos
1 year ago

Love the bike. Brings back memories. Can’t wait to arrive. Would purchase one. Love it!

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