Shoei GT-Air 3

Introducing Shoei’s GT-Air 3 Helmet: The Future of Riding Safety

Shoei has outdone itself again. The Japanese brand, renowned for safeguarding the heads of some of the world’s best riders, has just unveiled the third iteration of its popular GT-Air model.

Here is a summary of the key features of the Shoei GT-Air 3:

  • ECE 22.06 homologation for the highest level of safety
  • Revised venting scheme for improved airflow
  • Slightly revised aerodynamics for reduced drag and noise
  • Enlarged sunvisor for better protection from the sun
  • Improved chinstrap that is lighter, more pleasant to use, and still as secure as ratchet straps go

Let’s dive into what the new GT-Air 3 offers.


A Safety Upgrade: The GT-Air 3 now meets the ECE 22.06 homologation, aligning with the latest safety standards set by the European Commission.


Design: At first glance, you might mistake the GT-Air 3 for its predecessor, the GT-Air 2. They share a striking resemblance, especially in the matte blue finish. However, Shoei has made crucial improvements, like:

  • A revamped venting scheme for better airflow.
  • A redesigned main visor featuring a centrally-located spring-loaded latch mechanism.
  • Tweaked aerodynamics for smoother rides.
  • An expanded sunvisor for those bright, sunny days.

Additionally, Shoei has retained the comms unit adapter on the side and highlighted their Shoei Comlink system on their website.


Inside Matters: Shoei has made subtle tweaks to the interior, possibly influenced by the ECE 22.06 standards. They’ve enhanced the chinstrap, making it lighter and more user-friendly. Yet, they’ve maintained the stainless steel construction, ensuring safety without compromising the convenience of a ratchet retention system.

Extras Galore: Each GT-Air 3 comes with a Pinlock shield and a chin curtain. Plus, the helmet offers three distinct shell sizes, catering to everyone from XS to XXL. For a tailored fit, Shoei provides four cheek pad sizes.

Colors and Graphics: Riders can choose from a range of solid colours like Black, Matt Black, and Matt Blue Metallic. If you’re looking for something more expressive, Shoei also offers graphic options like the Discipline TC-1 and the Realm TC-5.

While Shoei hasn’t yet released the official sale date or retail price, we expect to see the GT-Air 3 on the shelves before 2023 wraps up. And for our US readers, stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated on its availability.


In conclusion, with the GT-Air 3, Shoei has once again proven its commitment to rider safety, innovation, and style. If you’re in the market for a new helmet, this might just be your perfect match.

The GT-Air 3 stands as a testament to Shoei’s dedication to evolving rider safety while maintaining style and functionality. Drawing from their legacy and integrating the latest advancements, Shoei doesn’t just respond to industry standards—they raise the bar. For riders prioritizing safety, comfort, and aesthetics, the GT-Air 3 undoubtedly emerges as a top contender in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, this helmet promises to be a game-changer in your riding experience.

Shoei Europe – GT-Air 3

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