Suzuki GSX-8R at EIMCA 2023

Suzuki GSX-8R at EIMCA 2023

In a landscape teeming with high-octane thrills and cutting-edge technology, the arrival of a new sportbike is a momentous occasion that sets the heart of every motorcycle aficionado racing. Suzuki, a name synonymous with a legacy of speed and innovation, has once again set the stage to captivate riders with the unveiling of its latest marvel, the 2024 Suzuki GSX-8R. A harmonious blend of agility, power, and aesthetic allure, the GSX-8R is not merely an addition to the storied GSX lineage—it’s a bold redefinition of what a mid-size sportbike can aspire to be.

Born from the pedigree of the robust and well-received GSX-8S, the fully-faired GSX-8R emerges as a beacon of Suzuki’s relentless pursuit of perfection. At its heart lies the 776cc parallel-twin engine, an engineering masterpiece that promises to deliver adrenaline in its purest form. Yet, the GSX-8R isn’t just about raw power; it’s the embodiment of a rider-centric philosophy that melds comfort, control, and the thrill of the ride into one exhilarating package.


With a suite of intelligent features under the umbrella of the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS), this bike isn’t just ready to conquer the road—it’s equipped to offer a bespoke riding experience tailored to the individuality of its rider. The GSX-8R is set to turn heads with its aerodynamic fairing, while its advanced electronics package ensures that this bike is as smart as it is fast.


As we gear up to take a closer look at Suzuki’s latest offering, one thing is clear: the 2024 GSX-8R is poised to redefine expectations and ignite the passions of riders around the globe. Join us as we delve into the intricate dance of metal, rubber, and innovation that is the GSX-8R—a motorcycle that doesn’t just run the race; it leads the pack.

Fully Faired Motorcycle with 776cc Parallel Twin Engine

The GSX-8R’s use of the same 776cc parallel-twin engine as the GSX-8S suggests a focus on maintaining a balance of power and handling, which is typically favoured in sport-oriented street bikes. The sportbike version likely enhances this with its aerodynamics and riding dynamics.

Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS)

The bike’s suite of electronic aids under the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS) demonstrates Suzuki’s commitment to integrating advanced technology into their bikes, offering riders a range of customizable settings to suit different preferences and conditions.

With the detailed description provided, here’s a summary of the key points about the 2024 Suzuki GSX-8R:

  • Engine: 776cc parallel twin, shared with the GSX-8S.
  • Electronic Aids: Includes the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector, Traction Control System, Ride by Wire, Quickshifter, Easy Start System, and Low RPM Assist.
  • Chassis and Suspension: Features a Showa SFF-BP inverted fork and a preload-adjustable Showa monoshock.
  • Brakes: Equipped with radially mounted callipers and large brake discs at the front, and a single-piston calliper with a 240mm brake disc at the rear.
  • Wheels and Tires: Cast aluminium 17-inch wheels with Dunlop RoadSport Two tires.
  • Aerodynamics and Styling: The fairing and LED light clusters are designed for both aesthetics and aerodynamics, complemented by aluminium handlebars and a windscreen.
  • Dimensions: A balance of compactness and comfort, with a notable 810mm seat height and a 205kg curb weight.
  • Colours: Will be available in four colours to appeal to various tastes.
  • Pricing and Availability: To be announced, with availability starting in January 2024, primarily targeting the European and North American markets.



  • Performance and Handling: With the Showa Separate Function Fork – Big Piston (SFF-BP) and Showa monoshock, the GSX-8R is likely to offer excellent handling and ride quality, suitable for both spirited riding and everyday commuting.
  • Technology: The Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS), which includes the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector, Traction Control System, Ride by Wire, and Quickshifter, adds a layer of technological sophistication that allows riders to tailor their experience to their preferences and road conditions.
  • Aerodynamics: The fully faired design is not just for looks; it provides improved aerodynamics which could offer benefits at higher speeds such as reduced drag and potentially better fuel efficiency.
  • Accessibility: A seat height of 810mm is relatively approachable for a sportbike, which may make it more accessible to a range of riders, including those of shorter stature.
  • Versatility: The GSX-8R is likely to be versatile enough for various riding conditions, including city traffic, long-distance touring, and spirited weekend rides.


  • Weight: At 205 kilograms (452 pounds), the GSX-8R is not the lightest bike in its class. This could affect its agility, particularly at low speeds or when manoeuvring in tight spaces.
  • Pricing Uncertainty: Without pricing information, it’s difficult to evaluate the value proposition of the GSX-8R against its competitors. If priced too high, it could deter potential buyers.
  • Limited Adjustability: While the rear shock has preload adjustability, some riders might miss having fully adjustable suspension components for a more customized setup.
  • New Model Risks: As with any new model, there can be unforeseen issues or recalls as the bike is introduced to the market. Early adopters may face teething problems that are typically resolved in subsequent model years.
  • Fuel Economy and Power: Given that it shares its engine with the GSX-8S, riders looking for a sportbike might desire more power. Additionally, the real-world fuel economy of the 776cc engine, especially when housed in a sportier model, will be a factor for cost-conscious riders.


The GSX-8R’s appeal will ultimately depend on individual rider preferences, including the importance of brand loyalty, design, technological features, and how it compares in ride tests against its class competitors. As with any vehicle, potential buyers should look for detailed reviews and test-ride the bike (if possible) before making a purchasing decision.

For those interested in the 2024 GSX-8R, they will have to wait for more details on pricing and specific availability in their region. It will be interesting to see how the motorcycle is received by the riding community and how it compares to its competition in terms of performance, comfort, and overall riding experience once it hits the market.


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