TVS could take the racing-ready infrastructure built to the field and develop the Apache RR 200 and focus its efforts on creating a road-legal sportbike based on this machine.

Sure, competitors like Honda and KTM already have road-going homologation machines based on their track-level bikes.

But we’re talking about a niche here that very few manufacturers play in.


And the chances are that most buyers in this segment are diehard racing fans who much prefer something that looks like it came straight out of a Moto 3 paddock than a relatively civilized street bike.

While the Street Apache RTR 200 4V is a wildly popular naked sportbike style commuter.The Race variant is about tracking performance.

TVS has carefully modified and revised the design to create a bike for racing around the corners on tracks.

Compared to its street-legal and touring brethren, this race-only machine has no lights or mirrors,.Just a track-focused motorcycle frame, seat and bodywork.


The bike

The Apache RR 200 takes the bike to a whole new level. With all the essential track-day aero bits like high cowls, adjustable windscreen and lightweight body panels in place.The race bike offers onlookers a little more than what they might use them.

This race-spec machine is built to be a track weapon indeed. The overall design resembles the road-going Apache RTR 200 4V quite a bit, as does the chassis.

The RR has a higher seat and bodywork designed to provide better rider protection in any spillovers.

However, the most noticeable feature that will set it apart from its street sibling will be the front face fairings.

Designed to channel air smoothly towards the radiator and provide better driver comfort. These sporting air ducts hide three headlamps each while on track duty.

The machine arrives with a 197.8cc four-stroke, SOHC, air-cooled engine supported by a four-valve cylinder head.

The engine comes integrated with a five-speed manual transmission. The machine gets power in the range of 20 to 30 hps.

It looks like a proper racing machine with various aerodynamic features suited for high-speed track action.

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