The ICCT ( The International Council on Clean Transportation) report is a comprehensive and well-researched look at the state of the global electric vehicle market. 

Tesla and BYD are the leaders in the EV space, while Japanese automakers are lagging. Several reasons exist, including a need for a more strategic vision, a focus on hybrid vehicles, and concerns about battery technology.

Government policy

The report also highlights the importance of government policy in promoting the adoption of EVs. Countries like China and Norway have successfully promoted EVs, while countries like the United States have been less so. The report calls on governments to do more to support the transition to EVs, including providing incentives for consumers to buy EVs and investing in charging infrastructure.



ICCT Report on EV Transition

EV Market

The ICCT report is valuable for anyone interested in the EV market. It provides a clear overview of the current state of the market and identifies the key challenges and opportunities. The report is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the future of transportation.

Here are some of the key findings from the report:

  • Tesla and BYD are the only “leaders” among the world’s top 20 light-duty carmakers.
  • 12 companies are categorized as “transitioners,” with BMW and Volkswagen leading the pack.
  • 6 “laggards” comprise five Japanese brands and one Indian automaker.
  • Tesla is the only brand on the list that makes EVs and has never produced gas cars.
  • BYD is quickly transitioning to a producer of only EVs.
  • Toyota is considered a laggard, though based on its decisions about EVs over the years, it is surprising it earns the highest ranking among laggards, closely followed by Honda and Nissan.
  • It comes down to the strategic vision or lack thereof, that drags automakers down into laggard territory.
  • Tesla is already at 100% zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) and always has been, and many rival automakers have high targets for the future.
  • Sadly, Toyota’s target is just 39% based on the data, and the ZEV investment could be better.

The report also makes several recommendations for governments and automakers, including:

  • Governments should incentivize consumers to buy EVs and invest in charging infrastructure.
  • Automakers should invest in developing new EV technologies and make EVs more affordable.
  • Consumers should educate themselves about the benefits of EVs and demand more from automakers.


The ICCT report is a wake-up call for the automotive industry. It is clear the transition to EVs is inevitable, and automakers that fail to adapt will be left behind.

Source: ICCT and Teslarati

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