Elon Musk promises a lot, and we all know that. But one promise that’s caught everyone’s attention is the $25,000 electric vehicle (EV). Here’s a peek into what’s been happening.

Musk’s Vision: From Affordable EVs to Robotaxis

Musk didn’t always put the $25,000 EV at the top of his priority list. Instead, he got swept up in the idea of creating an advanced robotaxi. Walter Isaacson, the man who penned Musk’s biography, brought this to light.

However, Tesla’s leadership team swung into action. They convinced Musk to chase both dreams simultaneously. Their argument? Both vehicles can roll off the same assembly line. Musk listened.


In a recent design review, both vehicles showcased designs reminiscent of the futuristic Cybertruck.


A History of Ups and Downs

Musk has teased us with the idea of an affordable EV before. He initially intended for the Model 3 to be the wallet-friendly option. But when it hit the market, its $52,000 price tag disappointed many. Since then, he’s made the $25,000 promise in 2018 and again in 2020.

By 2022, Musk admitted a hard truth: Tesla wasn’t working on it. Their plate was full, with side dishes like humanoid robots.

This hesitation opened the doors for competitors. They sensed an opportunity and raced to create an affordable EV. After all, a cheaper EV might be the key to unlocking a wider consumer base.

What’s the Competition Up To?

While electric vehicles often carry heftier price tags than their gas-powered counterparts, everyone recognizes the importance of affordability. And with Tesla delaying its entry, other automakers are vying for that sweet $25,000 spot.

Take Lucid, for instance. They’re echoing Tesla’s strategy: scale production to reduce buyer costs. Volkswagen also threw its hat in the ring with the $26,000 ID.2all concept. The only catch? It won’t come to the US.

However, the industry buzz suggests that Tesla’s new manufacturing plant in Mexico might be the secret sauce. Experts believe this move could finally bring the $25,000 Tesla to our driveways.

In Conclusion

While Musk and Tesla continue to innovate and promise, the EV market waits with bated breath. The race for an affordable electric car is on, and we’re all eager to see who crosses the finish line first. Will it be Tesla or a dark horse from the competition? Only time will tell.

Business Insider



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