Tesla Cybertruck

Vehicle teardown expert Sandy Munro recently had the opportunity to closely examine the suspension system of the Tesla Cybertruck. Candid photos of the Cybertruck’s suspension components were initially shared on Electrek, and additional images surfaced later, courtesy of a Tesla enthusiast in Arkansas.

Munro & Associates, under the leadership of Sandy Munro, conducted an in-depth analysis of Cybertruck’s suspension system. This examination marked the first time that the front and rear suspension of Tesla’s electric pickup truck had been showcased since its unveiling in 2019.

Sandy Munro

Sandy Munro offered his initial impressions of the Cybertruck’s suspension, stating, “It looks pretty standard to me.” He added that the front suspension of the Cybertruck resembled products currently available in the automotive market, suggesting a lack of distinctiveness.



A key highlight from the inspection is the discovery of the front suspension tie-rods, which consist of outer and inner components. Notably, the tie-rods are connected to the wheel hub and the steering rack respectively. The Cybertruck prototype’s tie-rods were connected by a billet-machined piece of steel, a choice likely made due to the ease of implementation during the prototype phase.

Aluminium Casting

Interestingly, an aluminium casting was observed at the rear of the front suspension. This casting, resembling a low-pressure permanent mould-type die-cast component, was identified as a safety measure. In the event of a frontal collision, this aluminium casting is designed to fracture, causing the wheel to detach from the vehicle. This mechanism aims to prevent the wheel from becoming trapped in the wheel well and potentially compromising the vehicle’s cabin integrity.

A view of the Tesla Cybertruck air suspension spotted in Arkansas.

Air suspension of Cybertruck which was seen in Arkansas. Image by: Stephen (@swarren08) 


In contrast, the rear suspension casting is made of steel, serving the dual purpose of supporting the Cybertruck’s weight and ensuring safety. Additionally, the presence of ball joints in the rear suspension confirms the inclusion of 4-wheel steering in the top-end variants produced at Tesla’s Giga Texas facility. This feature enhances the truck’s manoeuvrability and turning radius, akin to GM’s Hummer EV’s Crab Mode.

Photo of the Cybertruck underbody and rear air suspension spotted in Arkansas.

The rear suspension of Cybertruck. Image by Stephen (@swarren08) 

Performance Optimization

Addressing the air suspension setup, Sandy Munro highlighted that it closely resembles the air suspension systems seen in modern trucks like the Ford F-150, Dodge Ram, and Rivian R1T. The Cybertruck’s air suspension offers the ability to lower the vehicle, catering to accessibility needs and performance-oriented adjustments, such as the “Cheetah Stance” seen in the Tesla Model S.

To further enrich the understanding of Cybertruck’s suspension system, photos and videos showcasing the suspension components were taken by various individuals, providing enthusiasts and experts alike with insights into Tesla’s innovative design approach.


Sandy Munro’s comprehensive examination of the Tesla Cybertruck’s suspension system has shed light on several intriguing aspects of this groundbreaking electric pickup truck. Through detailed analysis and the unveiling of candid photos, Munro & Associates offered valuable insights into Cybertruck’s front and rear suspension components.

The assessment of the front suspension tie-rods, made apparent through the billet-machined steel piece, provides an understanding of Tesla’s design choices during the prototype phase. The incorporation of an aluminium casting at the rear of the front suspension demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to safety innovations, with a fracture mechanism designed to prevent wheel entrapment during frontal collisions.

The differentiation in materials between the front and rear suspension—steel for weight-bearing and safety in the rear, and billet-machined steel and aluminium casting for crash safety in the front—speaks to Tesla’s holistic approach to engineering the Cybertruck.


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