1960 Lamborghini Centenary- Lambo

To celebrate its founder’s 100th birthday, Italian carmaker Lamborghini released only 40 examples (20 couples and 20 roadsters) of an ultra-exclusive limited edition model. It is called the Centenario.

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Lamborghini decided to celebrate its founder’s centennial birthday by proposing an exceptional tractor that would pay tribute to Ferruccio’s humble beginnings as a farmer. 


After several years in development, Italian artist Adler Capelli finished forty sculptural tractor interpretations that pay homage to Ferruccio Lamborghini’s first business venture.

It’s hard to associate “Lamborghini” with anything other than Lamborghini’s. Whether referring to their monstrous lineup of supercars or their line of tractors, it seems more like a brand extension than a brand homage. But I have yet another example that proves otherwise.

1960 Lamborghini Centenary- Lambo


Arguably the hottest model in Lamborghini’s lineup is still the Aventador LP 700-4, which combines all the most dynamic elements of this high-performance brand, from its aggressive lines to its advanced carbon fibre monocoque, powered by a 6498cc, 700-horsepower V12 MPI petrol engine. 

And this is just the beginning. Incredible as it may seem when you look at other brands of cars on the road today, Lamborghini produces a wide range of cars, from supercars to more executive models. 

It’s hard to describe the diversity of vehicles produced by Lamborghini — with new models seemingly rolling off assembly lines every year — but its stable now includes an SUV and even an electric concept car.

1960 Lamborghini Centenary- Lambo


In 1948, 15 years before Automobili Lamborghini was born, Ferruccio cut his teeth in the agricultural industry by making tractors. Taking discarded military scrap pieces and parts from the war, he started Lamborghini Trattori as a company which would later produce its fuel atomizer.

When families in 1960s Italy decided to get land and grow crops, Lamborghini had just the tractor for them. The company behind one of the world’s most famous sports cars also created tractors for farmers. 

Two classics

But if you ask Capelli, who made a DLA 35 and 2R DT tractor his own, he’ll tell you Lamborghini tractors look good and are also very reliable and robust.

The DLA 35 has a 2.2L three-cylinder diesel engine making a 36.5hp and is still operational. And then you can also see on the front the two-wheel-drive single-seater features six exhaust pipes.

The Lamborghini farm tractor ” 1960 Lamborghini Centenary ” is one of the most unique-looking commercial vehicles you’ll run into regularly. 

Thanks to its creator Capelli and his considerable design skills, it saw the machine’s silver finish was applied thinly so it could develop a natural impression over time.

With 500 km / 311 as mileage, this no-four tractor out of five goes on sale for CHF 480,000 ($537,986).

1960 Lamborghini Centenary- Lambo

Source: Classicdriver


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