Triumph has recently announced significant price adjustments for its popular middle-weight naked street bikes, the Street Triple R and Street Triple RS. This move has stirred interest among motorcycle enthusiasts and potential buyers. We will delve into the details of these price changes, the specifications of each model, and what sets them apart. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Price Adjustments: Street Triple R

Significant Price Reductions

Triumph has slashed the prices of the Street Triple R, making it more accessible to a broader audience. The Pure White and Silver Ice color options are now priced at Rs. 9.95 lakh, which is a substantial Rs. 48,000 reduction from the previous pricing. Meanwhile, the Matt Baja Orange and Crystal White color variants are now Rs. 22,000 cheaper, with a new price tag of Rs. 10.21 lakh. These adjustments make the Street Triple R a more attractive option for those looking to enter the world of middle-weight naked bikes.

Price Adjustments: Street Triple RS

Mixed Price Changes

In contrast to the Street Triple R, the Street Triple RS has seen both price increases and decreases, depending on the color variant. The Phantom Black, Carnival Red, and Cosmic Yellow colors have received a price increment of Rs. 14,000, bringing the new price to Rs. 12.21 lakh. Interestingly, the Silver Ice color has seen a price reduction of Rs. 12,000, now costing Rs. 11.95 lakh. These mixed adjustments might seem puzzling at first, but they reflect Triumph’s strategy to balance the appeal and exclusivity of certain color options.


Key Differences Between Street Triple R and RS

While both the Street Triple R and RS are based on the same platform, several key differences set them apart. These differences cater to different rider preferences and requirements.

Engine and Performance

Street Triple RS: High-Performance Machine

The Street Triple RS is powered by a 765cc, inline-triple, liquid-cooled engine that delivers an impressive 128.2bhp and 80Nm of torque. This high-performance engine makes the RS variant a top choice for riders seeking a thrilling ride. The RS also features a quick shifter as standard, enhancing the riding experience.

Street Triple R: Balanced Performance

The Street Triple R, on the other hand, produces a slightly lower output of 118.4bhp while maintaining the same torque figure of 80Nm. This makes the R variant a well-rounded choice for those who want a balance between performance and practicality.

Suspension and Handling

Street Triple RS: Premium Suspension

The RS variant is equipped with premium suspension components, including Showa Big Piston USD forks and an Ohlins monoshock. These high-end components offer superior handling and ride quality, making the RS ideal for spirited riding and track use.

Street Triple R: Competent Suspension

The Street Triple R features Showa Separate Function forks and a Showa monoshock. While not as high-end as the RS’s suspension, these components still offer full adjustability and provide a comfortable and controlled ride, suitable for everyday use and occasional spirited rides.

Braking System

Street Triple RS: Advanced Braking

The RS is fitted with Brembo Stylema calipers, which are known for their exceptional braking performance and reliability. This advanced braking system ensures that the RS can handle aggressive riding and high-speed stops with confidence.

Street Triple R: Reliable Braking

The R variant comes with Brembo M4.32 calipers. Although not as advanced as the Stylema calipers on the RS, they still offer excellent stopping power and reliability for everyday riding conditions.

Tyres and Wheels

Street Triple RS: High-Performance Tyres

The RS is shod with Pirelli Supercorsa SP V3 tyres, which are designed for maximum grip and performance, especially on the track. These tyres complement the RS’s high-performance character, providing the necessary traction for aggressive riding.

Street Triple R: Versatile Tyres

The R variant comes with Continental ContiRoad tyres, which are more versatile and suited for a variety of riding conditions, including everyday commuting and spirited rides. These tyres offer a good balance between grip and longevity.

Instrumentation and Display

Street Triple RS: Modern TFT Screen

The RS features a contemporary color TFT screen that provides a wealth of information in a clear and attractive format. This modern display enhances the overall riding experience, offering easy access to essential data and settings.

Street Triple R: Hybrid Display

The R variant has a combination of an LCD and a small TFT screen. While not as advanced as the RS’s full-color TFT, this hybrid display still offers a good mix of functionality and readability, catering to riders who prefer a more straightforward interface.

Overall Value Proposition

Street Triple RS: Premium Offering

With its high-performance engine, premium suspension, advanced braking system, and modern instrumentation, the Street Triple RS is positioned as a premium offering in Triumph’s lineup. The recent price adjustments, though mixed, reflect its status as a top-tier middle-weight naked bike, catering to enthusiasts who demand the best in performance and technology.

Street Triple R: Balanced Value

The Street Triple R, with its recent price reductions, offers a compelling value proposition. It provides a balanced blend of performance, practicality, and affordability. The R variant is ideal for riders who want a versatile and capable middle-weight naked bike without the premium price tag of the RS.

Conclusion: Making the Right Choice

Choosing between the Triumph Street Triple R and RS ultimately comes down to your riding preferences and budget. The recent price adjustments have made the Street Triple R more affordable, enhancing its appeal as a value-for-money option. Meanwhile, the Street Triple RS continues to stand out with its high-performance components and premium features, justifying its higher price point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the new prices for the Triumph Street Triple R and RS?

The new price for the Street Triple R in Pure White and Silver Ice is Rs. 9.95 lakh, while the Matt Baja Orange and Crystal White colors are priced at Rs. 10.21 lakh. The Street Triple RS in Phantom Black, Carnival Red, and Cosmic Yellow now costs Rs. 12.21 lakh, and the Silver Ice variant is priced at Rs. 11.95 lakh (all prices are ex-showroom).

2. What are the main differences between the Street Triple R and RS?

The main differences include engine performance, suspension components, braking systems, tyres, and instrumentation. The RS offers higher performance, premium components, and a modern TFT screen, while the R provides a balanced performance with reliable components and a hybrid display.

3. Which bike is better for everyday use?

The Street Triple R is better suited for everyday use due to its balanced performance, versatile tyres, and more affordable pricing. It offers a good mix of comfort and capability for daily commuting and occasional spirited rides.

4. Is the price increase for the RS justified?

The price increase for the RS can be justified by its premium components and high-performance features. The advanced suspension, braking system, and tyres, along with the modern TFT display, make it a top choice for enthusiasts who demand the best in performance and technology.

5. Are the price reductions for the Street Triple R significant?

Yes, the price reductions for the Street Triple R are significant, making it more accessible to a broader audience. The Rs. 48,000 reduction for the Pure White and Silver Ice variants is particularly noteworthy, enhancing the bike’s value proposition.

In summary, the Triumph Street Triple R and RS cater to different segments of riders, each offering unique benefits. The recent price adjustments further enhance their appeal, making it easier for riders to choose a bike that fits their needs and budget. Whether you prioritize performance and premium features or balanced value and affordability, Triumph has a middle-weight naked bike that will meet your expectations.

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