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Key Points

  • TVS is planning to unveil a new electric scooter on August 23rd.
  • The scooter is likely to be a production model of the Creon concept.
  • The scooter will have the ability to be unlocked using a smartwatch.
  • TVS may also unveil new EV concepts at the event.

Electric Scooter

TVS is set to introduce its highly anticipated electric scooter, which is likely to be the production model of the Creon concept previously showcased. Teaser videos on social media platforms offer glimpses of the upcoming two-wheeler, revealing its silhouette and headlight design, reminiscent of the Creon concept.

Notably, one teaser showcases the scooter’s smartwatch-enabled unlocking feature, enhancing connectivity and convenience for users.

TVS' upcoming electric scooter to get smartwatch features


Smartwatch Features

The company has enlisted celebrities to generate buzz around the product launch, with some referring to it as ‘not a scooter or a motorcycle’. Speculation abounds that TVS will not only reveal the anticipated Creon production model but also unveil a range of new electric vehicle concepts, signalling its commitment to electric mobility innovation.

The unveiling event, scheduled for August 23rd, is poised to showcase TVS’s ambitious electric mobility initiatives to both customers and investors, offering a glimpse into the company’s electrifying future. Stay tuned for more details and insights as TVS unveils its groundbreaking electric chapter.


TVS is poised to revolutionize the electric vehicle market with the imminent launch of its cutting-edge electric scooter, likely derived from the Creon concept. The teasers have ignited anticipation, hinting at advanced features such as smartwatch integration.

Electric Vehicle Concepts

With celebrity endorsements adding to the excitement and the possibility of unveiling additional electric vehicle concepts, TVS is on the brink of showcasing its unwavering commitment to electric mobility innovation.


As the unveiling event on August 23rd draws near, expect TVS to unveil a dynamic electric future that will captivate both consumers and investors alike.


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