How do the new Husqvarna roadster and scrambler look up close? Recently leaked photos show a very early development phase. At the same time, there were a few days with a lifted mood on this side of the border.

Very few words describe exactly what to expect from the two new roadster and scrambler models (Vitpilen and Svartpilen 701) with twin-cylinder engines from KTM, which for some time have been the subject of great speculation in the motorcycling community. And both will be powered by a 690 cc engine with 75 hp of power.

In 2023 Husqvarna will present two completely new top models using the two-cylinder variant of KTM from the company Mattighofen. Husqvarna fans must wait until the first two production-ready versions were shown in 2016. Together with the 701 Vitpilen, first revealed in 2015, these motorcycles became publicly available in 2018. Husqvarna is about to introduce entirely new models.



What’s new?

Even though the new Vitpilen and Svartpilen are exceptional bikes, they also feature numerous familiar things. For example, the lightweight aluminium rear wheel swing arm carries the spring strut bolted directly onto it. 

This is a typical KTM construction with a spring strut and a directly bolted-on aluminium frame at the back. Of course, this casting for the rear frame is made extra-lightweight, thanks to aluminium. And with this, we see that KTM is responsible for providing the chassis components for the new (Vitpilen and Svartpilen 701.

We see the WP Suspension on the rear with a fully adjustable shock absorber. In contrast, the opposite end gets the WP upside-down telescopic Suspension with adjustable rebound and compression stages guides.

What more do we see?

From the spy shot, Scrambler Svartpilen has the Pirelli MT 60 tire profile, short spoiler, high tubular handlebar, and manifold cover.

We also see the spoiler shield between the round LED headlights and the TFT colour console. When it comes to travel, Svartpilen will get a few more millimetres. Regarding weight, expect both these bikes to be under 200 kg.


801 or 901?

In the spring of 2023, prototypes were caught with two engine cylinders (inline). This gave the impression that Husqvarna was almost ready for series production. 

It is still being determined whether the new models (Husqvarna Vitpilen 801 and Svartpilen 801 will be called Vitpilen 901 or Svartpilen 901. The official presentation should take place by autumn 2023 at the latest.

Image Source: Motorradonline


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