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Valentino Rossi, an Italian legend and former teammate of Maverick Vinales, has provided insights into Vinales’ ongoing struggles in MotoGP. Having been bested by Vinales in three out of their four seasons together, Rossi is well aware of Vinales’ capabilities.

Maverick Vinales

Vinales, after moving from Yamaha to Aprilia, has failed to replicate his previous strong finishes in MotoGP. Rossi, present at the recent Austrian MotoGP, witnessed Vinales’ difficulties with race starts, costing him potential podium positions.

Rossi emphasized the significance of both technical and psychological elements in race starts. He stressed that a rider’s psychological state during those crucial moments profoundly affects their performance. Factors such as composure, excitement, focus, tension, and expectations play pivotal roles.


Maverick Vinales-Yamaha-MotoGP

Psychological Impact

According to Rossi, Vinales demonstrates strength and impresses during practice sessions, often setting impressive lap times. However, the translation of these strong practice performances into race-day success seems to be missing. Rossi suggested that Vinales might be grappling with psychological challenges, leading to inconsistent Sunday outcomes.

Rossi noted that Vinales faces issues like poor starts and occasional contact with other riders, undermining his race results. In a specific race, Vinales slipped from second to seventh during the sprint race at Austria’s Red Bull Ring. Subsequently, in the Grand Prix, he rapidly fell to eighth.

Race Outcomes

Acknowledging the need for improvement, Vinales himself expressed his commitment to addressing his race start issues. He highlighted his adherence to team instructions and indicated that the technical aspects of starts require attention from the team’s end.

In essence, Rossi’s comments provide valuable insights into the intricate interplay between racing psychology and performance outcomes. Vinales’ journey showcases the challenges of translating exceptional practice performances into consistent achievements on race days.


The enigma surrounding Maverick Vinales’ MotoGP struggles unveils a dynamic interplay between skill, psychology, and race-day execution. Valentino Rossi’s insights shed light on the vital role of psychological preparedness during crucial moments, particularly race starts. Vinales’ transition from impressive practice performances to podium finishes remains a puzzle, hinting at underlying psychological challenges.

Rossi’s observations accentuate the significance of a rider’s mental state in determining outcomes. The dichotomy between Vinales’ strong practice showings and inconsistent race results showcases the intricate nature of racing psychology. Vinales’ journey underscores the need for a holistic approach, encompassing technical improvements and mental fortitude.


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