If you, too, are a performance-focused rider who enjoys the sound of a motor breathing freely but also want to make sure things remain street legal. Indian has got you covered with their Titanium Exhaust System for the FTR 1200.

Zard products are the perfect combination between craftsmanship and technology. They use high-quality raw materials: stainless steel (AISI 304) tubes and plate to titanium and carbon fibre. 


Every single exhaust is realized by qualified welders and tested on the road and the standard rolling test bench. The black ceramic coating resists till 1000°C. Zard men follow every production process with very keen attention and authentic passion.

Zard Titanium FTR1200

This new Titanium exhaust system from Zard for the FTR1200 was designed with large diameter pipes. And a thick header pipe to keep as much power as possible in the engine.

The FTR 1200 found its way into the hearts of fans and enthusiasts back in 2019 when Indians first announced that they would be coming out with a bike to take on the Sportster line. 

While the bike can kick up some mud and fat, dirty tire marks down your favourite stretch of road. It has always come up lacking when it comes to its exhaust note.


Titanium is a very light and robust material, and as such.Zard opted to use the material for this particular exhaust. The twin-exit silencer has been equipped with removable DB-killers that can be inserted or removed according to the customer’s taste.

Visually, the titanium exhaust system is a thing of beauty. Zard took a simple yet elegant design approach with the FTR 1200, developing a titanium silencer that seems to be a perfect fit for it. 

The system consists of an attention-grabbing muffler featuring a twin-wall stainless steel body with removable DB killer panels. All made from high-quality stainless steel that was carefully welded together and then polished by hand to bring out its natural shine. 


The headers are visible through the rear wheel and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. On top, it is Euro 4 homologated and weighs just 1.8 kgs, while the stock weighs 4.3 kgs.

The standard exhaust version retails at 845 Euros ($981). While the Euro 4 homologated version costs 1000 Euros ($1160).

via Zard


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